a new song

But I will sing of thy might; I will sing aloud of thy steadfast love in the morning. For thou hast been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.

Psalm 59:16

There are stories woven throughout Scripture of God’s great love for his people. We see him parting seas, crushing boulders, and quietening storms. He feeds the hungry and heals the sick. He cries with those who mourn, comforts the lonely, and stands with the forgotten. His character is consistent of a loving and faithful God who meets his people in their time of need.

Why then, do we so easily forget that the God we serve is the same God that has always been?

If we look back through our own history, we can see how he has been faithful and present. How he picked us up from the darkness, breathed love and life into our aching hearts, and restored our souls.

No matter what we face, we can be certain that he will not abandon us.

By recognizing his great love for us, we can comfort and encourage those who are struggling around us.

Our lives can be a great testimony of a God who makes us brave in hardship.

Thank you, God, that you have left me a detailed account of your goodness, not only in Scriptures, but in my own history.

Thank you for being faithful and loving toward me.

May my life be a testimony of your love.

hugs n’ blessings for all the ways God shows up in our life & for the ways he has loved us well.

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