(white-flag strategy) countdown!

54 days ago I wrote a post inviting you on a 63 day journey with me!

A wonderful 7 week journey of prayer!

And I can hardly believe we are only 9 days away from its completion!!!!

So far, (if you have been one of my prayer companions,) we have prayed The Surrender Novena 5 times together, completing the 6th one today.

Which means tomorrow begins our 7th and final Surrender Novena together, ending on Election Day, November 3rd.

I began this prayer-filled journey and invited others along to join me because I was weary from all the discord swirling around within our Country. The outlying pessimism thriving in our great Nation caused such a weariness of heart I turned to the only thing I know to work: prayer. And I have been amazed & blessed by those of you who have joined me!

If you haven’t been following along in this daily prayer by now


As a matter or fact this is the PERFECT time to join in; as we begin the final round of the 9 Day Surrender Novena Prayer, along with the rest of us!

To do so you can either click here where I have posted the Surrender Novena in it’s entirety. Or you may visit me each day on my blog, where I will post the prayer for each particular day!

Either way, I would be tickled to have your prayers united with all of ours!

And please let’s not forget exactly what we are praying for:

Come November 3, 2020 there WILL BE a Presidential winner. Again. Just as there was four years ago! It may be your candidate or it may not. Regardless, I am hoping these next 9 days of prayer will help those; especially those who may not be happy with the results, to gracefully raise their white flags and restore peace to our great Nation once again.

It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

hugs n’ blessings to all those joining me these next 9 days – i look forward to praying with you each & every day!

13 thoughts on “(white-flag strategy) countdown!

    1. Good Day, Faye! A prayer Novena is a 9 day or 9 hour prayer usually lifted up for a specific intention or intercession. I am so grateful for the many prayers from you and all your fellow Aussie neighbors! Keep them coming during the upcoming 9 days – we will need them – and benefit from them greatly!! Hugs to you for your faithfulness to do so, on our Country’s behalf.😘❤️😘


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