dill pickles

You have granted me life and mercy, and your care has preserved my spirit.

Job 10:12

When there is adversity in our lives we often feel weak and vulnerable. Fear can arise that we might be losing ground: losing our courage, endurance, or even hope. According to this passage, God actually takes the time to preserve our spirit. If something is preserved, it means it is kept so it won’t spoil; the goodness of it is protected.

I am grateful my maternal grandmother taught me how to preserve the (abundant) foods grown in her garden. Gram was always in the kitchen canning during the summer & fall months. Green & yellow beans, carrots, tomatoes, strawberry and grape jellies, applesauce and her famous….pickles!

Several varieties to boot!

But my all-time favorite were her dill pickles.

To this day, I cherish having her time-worn canning utensils.

Preserving food is “a LOT of work,” Gram often explained, (or perhaps complained.)


There are times “a bit of suffering” accompanies the effort to “putting up jars.” Which I learned first hand the year Cuppycake & I canned 86 quarts of applesauce, because our first born ate applesauce as if it were ketchup!

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces endurance;

Romans 3:3

I am most certain Gram would be tickled to know her canning-tools have endured, as well as, being occasionally loaned to my own children now – as they too are learning how to preserve the bounty of our farmers.

In the kingdom of God every ounce of suffering in our lives is used for his glory. And I just know He is tickled when we embrace his unfailing love; which strengthens us, so our own spirits are preserved.

Do you question God’s care in seasons of suffering?

hugs n’ blessings for all the times we thank the Father for His steadfast love.

3 thoughts on “dill pickles

    1. Makes you contemplate what memories we shall leave behind, doesn’t it? YOU will have left so many lovely impressions of the places you’ve spent and the deliciousness of life! Hugs to you for showing us the beauty surrounding us through your life-lens!

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