the best sport is a “good-sport!”

Photo from Pinterest.


(I know.  I know. I know that look.)



(I know.  I know. I know this scenario.)



Attending the Waste-Management Open 2018

(I know. I know. I know, that’s how much I love him.)

hugs & blessings to all the sport -widows preparing for their season of love.

“Love is patient, love is kind.”

1Corinthians 13:4

3 thoughts on “the best sport is a “good-sport!”

  1. The only good sport is indeed a ‘good’ sport. Only when sport becomes an ‘idol’ more important than ‘family’ or ‘God’ that I would feel ‘patience’ is needed but also a little bit of ‘tough’ love. I am not a sports widow but I know many who are, and it must NEVER be allowed to destroy family life. If it can ‘unify’ then it is good. Blessings and Peace!

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    1. A beautiful reminder of priorities, dear Faye!! Filled with gratitude that my beloved sets an excellent example for his sons & son-in-law to follow! Attending sporting events together is actually one of our favorite past-times to do TOGETHER; however, there is one I’m not so very fond of. (I think you may be able to guess which one, giggles.) However, as a birthday celebration – for the man I love – I participated whole-heartedly at a tournament recently. An exercise of selfless love – driven by love for him (and Him) who both inspire me to be the best version of myself. They both sacrifice far more for ME than I could ever hope to for THEM – but I am so very glad when I can reciprocate a ‘good’ deed in their honor. Today, while I know he will be watching a little white ball, try to fall into an oddly placed hole in the ground, driven there on the end of a crooked stick, on the telly – I shall be painting a portrait I’ve been working on – by his side! (We’ve worked our ‘dance’ out together quite nicely, don’t you think??? Giggles.) Hugs to you for your excellent points – and let’s do pray for ALL those families harmed by the misplaced importance of life.


  2. When our natural tendencies strive to satisfy the needs of others (especially those closest to us) appreciation and love is frequently bestowed back upon us. It makes the act of kindness the focus rather than the activity we may personally enjoy (or not.) It is clear these tendencies run rampant in your family. This is the type of ATTITUDE I hope contagiously spreads throughout the world! 🙂

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