warning: angels watching!

it’s the monday giggles!


I love the monday giggles! This regular ‘feature’ post has become a favorite of mine to write and I do hope-ity-hope you love to monday giggle (with me) too!

This past weekend a very delightful surprise occurred when I stumbled upon a monday giggle mascot for my site.  And just wait until you hear how we found one another! (It was love at first giggle!)

Every year I look forward to attending an Annual Charity Event in our community which helps to kick-off the Holiday Season with a Ladies Only Luncheon, while supporting a life-changing organization.

The Gertrude Barber National Institute

Prior to 1952, community-based services for individuals with disabilities were virtually non-existent in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dr. Gertrude A. Barber, an administrator in the city’s school district, answered the calling. She saw a need for a more integrated approach to providing individualized care for those with special needs. And her vision would change the landscape of modern care-giving forever. Armed with little more than a smile and a prayer, she founded the Dr. Gertrude A. Barber Center’s non-profit organization dedicated solely to improving the lives of children and adults within the community.

Over the course of a half-century, the Barber Center staff would help make dreams come true for thousands of people with disabilities and their families. Today, the aptly renamed Barber National Institute continues to grow strong.

With the late Dr. Barber’s vision leading the way; they’re committed to combining the best research with training and education – resulting in the finest prescriptive programming.

The Barber National Institute was recently named Number One in the Nation for it’s care of those with intellectual disabilities.

Ever year at this event the students of the Barber Institute create a delightful “item” for purchase.  I have taken home with me, over the course of the past several years, priceless pieces! There have been handmade note-cards, ornaments, and the likes.  Each has produced wonderful heart-giggles for me but this year was the best yet because…there were Angels there! And each one had been hand-made & hand-named by the students, and that’s how I found her…

my monday giggles angel-gal-pal mascot named, “Hee-Hee!”

(You’re giggling already, right???)


You never know as you meet someone
Just what might be their need.
Sometimes a warm smile or handshake
Is all it takes to plant a fruitful seed.
Other times you may need to speak a word
Of encouragement to a sister or brother,
Or share your faith along the way
As God gives opportunity with another.
When you meet with a hurting neighbor
Along side of your journey’s road,
Be sure to reach out with a loving hand
And help carry their heavy load;
For you never know on life’s pathway
Just who you might meet there…
Always take note of each precious soul,
For some have entertained Angels Unaware.

~Connie Campbell Bratcher

“Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.”

And I do believe this is why I have enjoyed the blogging world so very muchly! There have been so many Angels Unaware (just like Hee-Hee,)  that I have met, who have the same shared heart-space as I, and have reached out with loving hands in my own life’s pathway.  Not to mention the kindly others who have been so appreciative of my own feeble efforts to carry their loads, by taking a sincere interest in their precious souls.


So, Hee-Hee & I remind you with THIS Monday Giggle that hugs n’ blessings are all that will be found here in our blog-space-say-I, and they’re always freely given to anyone who wishes to receive them!!


these hugs n’ blessings are yours today…

given by Angels that are watching, (not stalking,) over you!

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