When love didn’t give up…

I love to read!


Reading has always brought me great comfort.

But rarely do I take the time to do so for pleasure anymore.

(Heavy sigh….)

So rare are these occassions that I’ve actually made ‘read more for pleasure‘ an item on my Bucket List!


Yes, really. (#7)

(Pathetic sigh…)

I’ve not (ever) abandoned the love I have for reading nor the time I take to do so; however, the content (most times) falls into the following categories: faith, religious teachings, self-help, & cooking.  Ultimately, these are categories which offer something to be learned, which I suppose helps me to rationalize the time still spent with my nose buried between the pages.

I’m not complaining about the categories because truthfully, I do enjoy the content immensely!

But, gone are the days when I’d climb a tree or curl up in a favorite chair to enthusiastically re-read a summer favorite…just because I found comfort in every page turned!  Instead I find I must rationalize my time spent reading with the prospect of learning in mind, habitually tossing-aside the comfort ‘reading for pleasure’ provides.

(Affectionate sigh…)

My childhood favorite and dog-eared copy of, Island of the Blue Dolphin.

But every once in awhile a book comes along which tugs at my heart so much it is enough to pull me away from being taught something (or so I think…) and reinvigorates my passion to ‘read more for pleasure!’

(Oh, Happy-Day! sigh, at last.)


I discovered this book several years ago via a video-clip.

I was initially drawn to read Ian & Larissa’s story as a result of our mutual life-experiences. My father also suffered a debilitating brain-injury when he was struck by an automobile while crossing the street in the early 1980’s.  Sadly, he passed away not long-after from complications due to an infection.  However, it was much more (than this) which compelled me to choose their book as a catalyst to work on my bucket list!  

Ian & Larissa Murphy co-authored Eight Twenty Eight: When love didn’t give up  and tenderly share with us their story of love.  I quickly discovered, that it’s not just their love story they were telling.  (As even the back book-jacket so eloquantly pointed out.)

Really, it’s all of ours as well!

Ian & Larissa seek to serve God together, all while dealing with the implications of life in a world marked by suffering.   And in a world that so easily gives up on love when it becomes difficult to love, their love-story definitely brought great peace to this battle-worn heart!

Reading about their triumph helps one to gain a picture of a love that will challenge all you think you know about what is true and what persists.  Quickly, within mere pages of their book I surrended & acknowledged that although I desired to read the book with the intention of ‘pleasurable reading’ in mind; I was about to be ‘taught’ (& remind of)  very valuable lessons, as a result of the obvious deep-commitment which they share.

With courage we write this, in hopes that we all move forward together in loving God more than loving comfort.”

Ian & Larissa Murphy, Dedication page.

There is so much wisdom & joy contained on the pages of this book!  It indeed takes courage to move forward.  It takes courage to love God.  But it is in this courageous act of loving Him most, that we find the comfort which sustains us through all things.

(Joyous sigh...)

Recently, I purchased a painting done by Ian through his personal Etsy site.  Ian paints to help fund the physical therapy he must receive daily.  It was a difficult choice; however, I chose this particular painting not only for the the incredible subject matter, but mainly because I was comforted & wooed by its title: misunderstood cat.  

misunderstood cat, painted by Ian Murphy.

It also reminded me of an endearing compliment my brother-in-law paid me this past Christmas while playing a Christmas game, when his one-word-description of me was: misunderstood. 

Which was a far better word-description than the one he chose for my sister, his wife, which was: “O.C.D.”  


But more importantly, Ian’s cat reminded me of how often I misunderstood what it is my heart truly desires.

I entered into reading Ian & Larissa’s story with the comfort of knowing that I would be ‘reading for pleasure, at long last!

And yet, I discovered by the end, I misunderstood ALL the comfort I AM offered…even as God continues to ‘teach‘ me in multifaceted ways!

(Pleasurable or not…)

I am so very grateful my God understands me!

hugs n’ blessings to all those purrrfectly ‘misunderstood!’ 

(Meow sigh.)

He’s still accomplishing, still gaining, and God is still working in him.  We can’t accept the “nots,” the assumption that Ian is unable to do things.  Because nothing is ever accomplished by not trying.”

Larissa Murphy, Eight Twenty Eight: When love didn’t give up.



3 thoughts on “When love didn’t give up…

  1. Beautiful inspirational post. I too am a lover of books and know as well how difficult it is to take the time. You probably would love the books God is inspiring me to write. They are about ‘real life issues fiction’ BUT with the heartbeat of God. As a Christian my focus in everything must ultimately honour HIM. What a story the one you shared about must be. Also the story of your life journey constantly both blesses but inspires me. Private me is revealed a little on http://www.fayeroots.com.au Also a bit about my life and writing. There has been quite a journey and I am both thankful and grateful. Blessings and gratitude for WHO you are in HIM. x


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