a private moment

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography



the magic of the wedding

behind us

and all the glitter swept up,

God provided us the blessing of 3 quiet days to sit and reflect

on the joy and wonder of it all.

Everyone tells you how fast the time goes by

and they’re oh, so very right!

But no one mentioned the hidden moments,

the private ones…

and just how much they catch your heart

causing it to skip a beat,

for a moment,

and freezes it there forever

fossilized in the heart.

It didn’t matter that we stood in a sea of hundreds

or whether all alone

they came (these special moments)

and illuminated so much joy,

so much gratitude,

so much wonder & awe,

their only escape was through

tears & laughter.

My mind has lapped over them now,

their impressions already smooth like beach glass

tumbled through the repeating waves

of the ocean.

And today i allow one

to spill out,

to share with you,

in my own way…

this private moment.

My darling daughter presented me this video to watch

the night before her wedding.

A precious letter

read by her

while a cascade of lifetime moments spent together displayed.

Forever on film,

for always in my heart,

causing so many skipped beats.

Image 5-10-16 at 8.56 PM
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography Photos Used Without Permission not Permitted

hugs n’ blessings for all the private moments we celebrate in our hearts!

11 thoughts on “a private moment

  1. Oh Dawn. What a beautiful tribute. Abby is such an amazing daughter, and I know you are so very proud of her. God bless you and your family. Your family is truly a treasure, and I feel so blessed to know all of you. Love and prayers. Thanks for sharing. Now, I need to go grab a kleenex…

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    1. Such kind words from a such a loving soul! God has indeed blessed us with a special girl to care for…why He trusted us so, I will never know, but we are eternally grateful that He did AND we could not have done it without Him. Such a joy to share this journey of life and faith together & we are always grateful when our paths collide!! Hugs to your wonderful family 😘


  2. What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you sincerely for sharing these private and beautiful moments. I have a book my daughter compiled before her wedding day and her wedding day photo of family on that day hangs forever on our lounge room wall. I praise God that you were able to instill so powerfully your Christian Love and heartbeat into your daughter’s life. With our daughter this heart is ‘connected’ but her job, life style and living in the ‘fast lane’ concerns me. Only prayers and Hope in the One who desires even more sustains my prayers for her and indeed our two sons.(our two grand-daughters and now two grand-sons). Your faith and your life is such an inspiration. May God continue to sustain and uphold you in EVERY way. Hugs and Blessings to you and yours .

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    1. Dearest Faye! As you know, all glory & praise goes to Him!! (Applause, applause!) My husband & I have certainly tripped and stumbled along the path of raising our 3; however, by God’s grace He has been tightly knit in each of their hearts. I am sure it is so with you children as well. They can only be inspired by your great love for Him and I am certain, even when it is not visible, their eye is on the one ‘true-prize’ of attaining eternal life together. The modern world does create distractions for all of us but as my husband & I often say….”there are no luggage-racks on a hearse for a reason!” Giggles. Everything we have here, which only money can buy, is fleeting and does not last. We can only take with us that which is purchased by our ‘hearts.’ “This is the greatest gift. That you love one another.” But you already know this very well (wink-wink)…Hugs & Blessings my dear one!


  3. Wow..you must have needed two boxes of tissues for that one! So very lovely…what a beautiful tribute to you and the love you and Abby share. There is something very special about the mother-daughter bond. So many beautiful memories and so many more to look forward to as you both move forward to the next part of life’s journey. Love to you and Abbs.

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    1. “Sobbing” took on a new meaning that night, giggles! And Yes, indeed! A mother-daughter bond is uniquely special. (As you so well know!!) The joy we felt throughout the course of the weekend watching both of them begin this new life together was over-whelming. No saddness…just gratitude and completely blessed to have shared it with so many! (Such as your wonderful expanded family!) Having her out on her own for the past several years prepared our hearts well to not experience, even once, a sense of “loss,” but instead a sense of great joy to have witnessed their happiness. We look forward to having gained another ‘Son’ and super grateful he’s just another “J” added to the bunch!!! (SON-of-a-bunch-of-J’s!) Get it??? Giggles…. (I think I may have come up with a future blog-post idea…..stay-tuned!)


  4. Dear Dawn,
    What a tribute❤️. Thank you for sharing the love between you and Abby; I am inspired. You are both so beautiful and I am thankful that our paths have crossed. God is good. Much love to your amazing family.❤️Katy

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    1. Dear Sweet Katy! Before you know it, it shall be one of your very own beautiful daughters being escorted down the aisle as a blushing bride! We blink…and before we know it, it is time to let them grow into this new & wonderful role. And I do believe we are doubly-blessed that God inspired the gift of our family’s acquaintance & friendship… Many hugs n’ blessings to you and yours!!


  5. Mother you deserve so much more than this video for all that you’ve given me in my lifetime and for making the wedding of my dreams possible. I love you so much and continue to be immensely blessed to be your daughter. I cannot thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought to my life and for all that you’ve taught me.


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