merry and bright

I’m sitting here looking at a magazine that is already saturated with Christmas festive-ness.

Mind you Halloween has not yet even arrived….

Surprisingly, and unlike previous years, I’m not overly bothered by the pre-emptive marketing schemes.

I think it’s because today, for me, feels a bit like Christmas morning!

You see, I posted my first storybook read aloud in Oma’s Reading Room today.

There, I said it!! The tinsel is out of the bag!

And just like Santa, I am holding my breath with anticipated excitement – that all who stroll over & listen to the first storybook will indeed like what is there waiting for them to unwrap!

With a little luck, a lot of prayer, and a great sense of humor – may viewing it somehow leave every little-one (and not so little)

merry & bright!

special hugs n’ blessings to all those rushing around trying to finish their halloween costumes amid the Christmas Holiday Magic!

10 thoughts on “merry and bright

  1. Dawn, Thank you for this gift! I am excited for you and thinking of all the ways I can share it, but first, I’m going to head on over And let you read to me. 💕🙏 Blessings!

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    1. Thank YOU, Janet!! I do hope you enjoyed Oma’s Reading Room and that you will visit me often there. And I appreciate your blessings more than you ever will know!!💫


  2. Well done Dawn. (Ann-Marie)? This is exciting. I I hope I can indeed gain access to hear.
    I’m grateful that I do not get involved in pre-Christmas parties and ‘stuff’ particularly that which has decidedly pagan origins. My whole focus is on remembering the Birth of the Saviour. Maybe not the 25th December but it is a good day to take the time to remember what we owe HIM for His Sacrifice and God’s Great Love to us ALL. I sense the excitement rising as we come to the Advent Season of reflection.
    Please let me know further info re you project. God’s richest Blessings!

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    1. I love Advent, don’t you?? And you are right – it is the proper preparation leading up to His birth. So much joy to share during that holy time…and prayers of gratitude as well. Hugs to you dear friend!


    1. Faye, you are simply the sweetest!! I am so humbled that you took the time to travel over to Oma’s twice and to bring “a special friend” along! And that you both have delighted in the goings-on in her Reading Room fills me with such glee! Another episode is soon to be posted! Continued prayers if you please, for Oma’s hugs & blessings to continue to be warmly received! 😘


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