The Tailgater! Circa 2008-2014

Cuppycake and I enjoy traveling together.

No matter car, plane, or train it’s all about the journey….

or is it the destination in the end?

(Nobody ever seems to remember!)

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ursula K. Le Guin

This quote was first painted above our fireplace mantle in our home in 1997, then followed us to our current home in 2014 where it remains today.

My children often tease that it shall be woven into my eulogy one day – mostly because despite having seen this quote the majority of their lives they still continue to mis-quote it.

Which they deliberately know drives me crazy, giggles.

Double-masked on the plane!

Ursula Le Guin’s quote; however, has helped me immensely throughout this period of pandemic.

Undoubtedly, we have been unable to travel much in these past 6 months – nonetheless when we have we have followed every prescribed guideline to ensure EVERYone’s safety.

Social distancing – Delta Sky Club style.

But to be quite honest we have tried, as much as possible, not to allow Covid-19 to alter our journey through life.

Cuppycake & I made a decision, rather early on, that we would be respectful of everyone’s individual choice – yet we would continue to live without fear during this portion of the journey.

We of course follow all recommended guidelines, we even have several of our own thermoscan thermometers now. And I also designed a “Covid-Station” right by the front door in our home, to deal with every imaginable covid concern.

(I never imagined portions of my home would resemble an operating scrub-room, giggles.)

Yes, the “living” looks different but we are still moving forward. We are still living & loving & experiencing the journey life has to offer us right now.

Someone asked me recently, “How do you manage to keep the fear (of getting the virus) under control?”

My immediate response was very simple, “What’s there to fear?”

Realistically, if I were to contract the virus I would get sick. I also may die. But for me either are nothing to fear. If I get sick, I will get better. If I die, I will hopefully go to heaven. And remember that IS my ultimate goal!

Which would also give my children their opportunity to deliver that eulogy they are developing, giggles!

In either scenario I do not want to miss a single-moment of the journey along the way. I will always choose to order dessert…


Ultimately, Cuppycake & I both discerned we would embrace the reality which is: fear is not of the Lord.

Scripture tell us so!

And if we were to have moments of doubt, all we needed to do was turn to Isaiah – which holds this very same predominate message throughout:

For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

Which is exactly what He has been doing!

Holding my hand in moments of doubt – as Cuppycake & I continue to trudge through this journey of life we are on together – pandemic & all.

What have you been doing to calm the fear?

Have there been different “journeys,” which Covid-19 has taken you on?

Here are just 3 (hugs&blessings) we have been grateful for:

We’ve been re-reading old & lots of stacked-up unread new.

We’ve been tweet-ing.

We call it, “The Bird Condo.”

And we’ve still been “traveling” (a lot) all over the world – ala youtube!

As we’ve been on quite a few walking tours via ProWalk Tours.

And of course I remain grateful to have YOU all to journey with – through cyber-space together!

hugs n’ blessings to you for embracing the many calming blessings He has sent you, while on the journey!

7 thoughts on “unpacking

  1. Thank you. May you and your loved one continue to journey safely together. David and I hopefully will still be able to go to the island off the coast of our state. 50 years married next month so pandemic or not we will journey and be thankful ‘wherever’. Knowing this earth is not our final HOME brings joy to our lives as well.
    God has not given us a spirit of fear but of, power, LOVE and a sound mind, 2 Tim 1:7

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy for you & David! What a wonderful testimony to the beauty of matrimony…50 Golden years strong! An island celebration sounds delightful and I do hope you’ll share a photo or two when you return. But until then I am sending you both my hugs and blessings! 💕💕
      *Thank you for affirming this earth is not our final HOME – it brought joy to my own heart to hear you say the same. 💕💕


  2. is it the journey or the destination?? I can never remember. Are there stops, are there breaks??? i think it’s the idea of the journey which takes us to the destination right? (LOL!!! This is what we tease Dawn about all the time!!) Seriously though, it is a beautiful saying and one that we do try to live in our daily lives- the journey is our life, a beautiful life full of surprises, side trips and memories! Thanks for the great message!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t you clever, Mr. Smarty-pants! 😉 I adore that we are on the journey together with God at our sides. No one else I would rather share this Wonderful Life with!!💕💕

      Thank you for the steadfast encouragement in all that I do, and all I strive to be. You strengthen me when I am weak, carry me when I am tired, and make me laugh all along the way! Hugs forever, sweet Cuppycake!


    1. Amen & amen. I must say the few times we have NEEDed to fly we have been extremely impressed by the airlines (Delta.) They really are doing a phenomenal job given the circumstances. Not necessarily all of the passengers are but again, all we can control is ourselves & rely on the faith that ‘what will be, will be.’ And thanks to blogs, such as your OWN, and the wonders of youtube our travel does continue – just more safely at home for the time being. It is rather clever how neat, clean & orderly our home is despite the travels we’ve taken….I don’t remember it being so when as we were traveling “in person,” giggles!! Hugs to you Karen for continuing to bring the world to our front door via your wonderful posts!


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