J-Cubed, (bruthers.)

it’s the monday giggles…

First there were two.

Image 5-16-16 at 9.38 AM

Yo’ Bro!

Image 5-16-16 at 9.43 AMIMG_0593


But now we’re Cubed!

Image 5-16-16 at 9.36 AM

The definition of a J-Cubed Bruther:

“Squared” and “cubed” came to common usage because of their familiarity in geometry. A shape that is two units long by two units wide is a square, and so it makes sense to call the mathematical operation of multiplying a numeral against itself “squaring.” The same goes for a cube: something of equal length in three dimensions is a cube. The shorthand is somewhat intuitive, since the operations of squaring and cubing are often used to find the volume of the corresponding shapes.

6 letter words that begin with a J – Jabbed Jabber Jabiru Jabots Jacals Jackal Jacked Jacket Jading Jadish Jaeger Jagers Jagged Jagger Jagras Jaguar Jailed Jailer Jailor Jalopy Jambed Jambes Jammed Jammer Jangle Japans Jarful Jargon Jasmin Jasper Jaunts Jawing Jazzed Jeaned Jeeped Jeered Jeerer Jellos Jerked Jersey Jester Jesuit Jetlag Jetons Jetsam Jetway Jewels  Jicama Jiggle Jiggly Jigsaw Jiminy Jimmie Jingle Jingly Jitney Jitter Jivers Jiving Jockey Jogged Jogger Joggle Johnny Joined Joiner Joints Joists Jokers Joking Jolted Jordan Joseph Joshed Josher Jostle Jotted Jounce Jouncy Jousts Jovial Jowled Joyful Joying Joyous Jubile Judged Judger Judges Jugate Jugful Jugged Juggle Juiced Juicer Juices Juking Juleps Jumble Jumbos Jumped Jumper Jungle Junior Junked Junker Junkie Juried Juries Jurist Jurors Justin Jutted

5 letter words that begin with a J – Jabot Jacal Jacks Jacky Jacob Jaded Jades Jager Jaggs Jaggy Jagra Jails Jakes Jalap Jalop Jambe JambsJ ammy Janes Janty Japan Japed Japer Japes Jared Jarls Jatos Jauks Jaunt Jaups Javas Jawan Jawed Jazzy Jeans Jebel Jeeps Jeers Jefes Jello Jells Jelly Jemmy Jenny Jerks Jerky Jerry Jesse Jests Jetes Jeton Jetty Jewed Jewel Jibbs Jibed Jiber Jibes Jiffs Jiffy Jiggy Jills Jilts Jimmy Jimpy Jingo Jinks Jinni Jinns Jisms Jived Jiver Jives Jivey Jnana Jocko Jocks Joeys Johns Joins Joint Joist Joked Joker Jokes Jokey Joles Jolly Jolts Jolty Jomon Jones Joram Jorum Jotas Jotty Joual Jouks Joule Joust Jowar Jowed Jowls Jowly Joyed Jubas Jubes Jucos Judas Judge Judos Jugal Jugum Juice Juicy Jujus Juked Jukes Jukus Julep Jumbo Jumps Jumpy Junco Junks Junky Junta Junto Jupes Jupon Jural Jurat Jurel Juror Justs Jutes Jutty

4 letter words that begin with a J – Jabs Jack Jade Jagg Jags Jail Jake Jamb Jams Jane Jars Java Jaws Jays Jazz Jean Jeep Jeer Jeez Jell Jerk Jess Jest Jets Jews Jibb Jibe Jibs Jiff Jigs Jill Jilt Jink Jinx Jive Jivy Jobs Jock Joes Joey Jogs John Join Joke Jole Jolt Josh Joss Jots Jowl Joys Jube Judo Jugs Juju Juke Jump Junk JupeJury Just Jute Juts

3 letter words that begin with a J – Jab Jag Jam Jar Jaw Jay Jet Jib Jig Jin Job Joe Jog Jot  Joy Jug Jut

2 letter words that begin with a J– Jo (which rhymes with Yo’!)

J-Cubed Bruthers!

hugs n’ blessings to all the bruthers of different muthers!

And these are just a few

of who

they band together to!

IMG_0589Image 5-16-16 at 9.43 AMIMG_0591

This Family…

Laughs & Learns

Prays & Protects

Apologizes &


Dreams & Discovers

Fights & Forgives

Teases & Trusts

Gives & Grows

Believes & Belongs

Loves & Lasts…


13 thoughts on “J-Cubed, (bruthers.)

  1. Thanks for the giggle. Hugs in return. Will have to think on this J-cubed thingy a bit. I laughed but not sure I really understand. Will return and ponder the concept. Enjoy your week!

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