Today’s a double-celebration day and I’m so glad you’re here to stroll through my cyber-space-say-I place so that you can celebrate with me too!

Just recently I mentioned (out-loud; which now makes me more accountable,) that I am determined to achieve several goals I’ve set for myself!

Some goals are new and some have been set for far too long without yet reaching!

But no matter WHEN I first etched these marks of achievement in the granite of my mind matters not – because today….


I earned my RED GLOVES at Level Red Boxing through completing my 200th class!!

The road that led me to boxing is actually quite comical! You may remember reading about it in a previous post. Ironically, in the course of just under a year, boxing has become more than just a hormone leveler or fitness measurer for me. There have been so many added surprises to my joining Level Red Boxing! First and foremost it’s a lot of fun!!! I’ve met so many people; all of who are various ages, shapes and sizes who have become wonderful motivators to me. They’re my heroes in many ways and I’m so excited to be boxing next to them!

Far off in Atlanta, these two dearies worked out in an effort to join in on the special achievement WITH me, via long-distance!

However, the biggest & one of the best surprises from joining Level Red Boxing has come in the amount of confidence I have gained.

Five 1/2 years ago I suffered a terrible confidence KNOCK-OUT. And as a result I became very self-protective, introverted, & shied away from my normal ability to share my life and myself with others. But boxing has definitely restored my confidence & actually increased it in ways I’d never expected!

Achieving my level-red goal today, in under a year, has felt like I finally KNOCKED my damaged self-esteem out-of-my-life for good with a power double jab-cross-hook-uppercut-uppercut TKO!

And I couldn’t be any prouder to have done so on such a very special day as the same day, 30 YEARS ago, I became a mom (for the first time) to…

THIS little GUY!

hugs n’ blessings to a very special young man, who has always managed to take us for an action packed ride! The passionate way you live your life always KNOCKS ME OUT!

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