Papa Pepperoni!

it’s the Monday giggles and…

I remember when I heard he was first coming!  

“Really?? Here to the U.S.? And to my very own state of Pennsylvania???” 

 I was verklempt!  (Choked with emotion.)

And thus my mission began…How could I navigate through the various personal obstacles I must over-come and make the pilgrimage to Philadelphia to be near our Holy Father, Pope Francis?  A daunting task, (if you knew the full-story,) so it was of no great surprise when just two weeks ago I abandoned the notion of accomplishing my goal.  And truthfully, I was disappointed…but rather quickly I swapped my disappointment with enthusiasm for all the others from our Diocese who would be making the 404 mile journey to be with the Vicar of Christ, as he visited our great Country!  I was genuinely excited they would be experiencing the great grace of being near him!

3am Scones & Tea for the Royal”s Wedding.
Launching into Plan B I began researching & gathering all the information necessary to watch the day-to-day coverage at home; beginning September 22 until his departure September 27, as well as listen on Sirius Channel 129 when away from a television! I’ve set up similar “coverage marathons” before like: the wedding festivities of both Princess Diana & Prince William, prior Papal conclaves, or the OJ Simpson trials (I made that last example up in hopes of a giggle!😂)  My excitement was growing as I collected the necessary data to partake in a personal experience with my Pope, even if it were to be across the air-waves!

Doesn't everyone eat Pope-tarts for breakfast during a Conclave?
Doesn’t everyone eat Pope-tarts for breakfast during a Conclave?
Imagine my surprise and great giggles, when just three days after resigning myself to waving my Pope flag alone in my living room, I received a phone call from our Diocesan office with a special request:

“Would YOU be willing to serve as an emergency substitute Bus Captain, leading our Diocesan Pilgrims to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, where our holy Father will be attending?”

I was verklempt! (Choked again with emotion.)

And so it begins!

With the blessing of my family

and affirmation from my Spiritual Director…

off I go,

(in just a few short days,)

toward Philadelphia, Pa!

*Along with an anticipated 1.5 million others,

(with their own giggle of what led them there,)

to be near Him!

And just because it’s the monday giggles I will share with you this (private) little giggle:

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could return and say: “I had some pizza with the Pope while I was away!”  (Even if he was just on the cover of the box, per-say? 😉)”

Pepperoni Pope Pizza!


Be sure to check in periodically to see what’s happening throughout the pilgrimage.  I will do my best to share a “slice or two” of information with you!

Until then this hug n’ blessing is for all those in Philly preparing for

our arrival!

2 thoughts on “Papa Pepperoni!

    1. I think it would be crazy NOT to go, lol! But certainly fun will be had by all. Perhaps I will see you at a Pizza Shop along the way… but if not I send out a hug & a blessing to you for all the grace you hope to receive in going!


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