Dancing Through My Head :

for my friend L

(because i understand)

a lot of stuff being said.

yes, the words hurt.

the knowledge of how twisty-turned people can use their words to make a fantasy appear true

is the slippery-slope of the devil.

People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck

and the devil is uninvited.

st. michael, with your sword of truth, shine down!

away satan! stand behind me!

you need only be still.

for he is at your side.

 pray those hearing not travel down the slippery slope.

pray the snare not be set for they too.



no hate set up in our house.

only friendship given.  with hugs n’ blessings.

pecked by ducks maya angelou always said. (gossip be like that…)

but our god is stronger than a flock.

He is stronger when we are weak.


and so sleep soundly.

 awake afresh.

in His joy. shining bright.

His plan.

His protection. no matter what may come.

get ye’ to thee sunglass hut satan!

just hugs n’ blessings given here!

Music by : Casting Crowns

7 thoughts on “shine!

    1. I love how life falls in to place…. Your blessings are the biggest gift you give this day & that my words accompany them is a grace unexpected. (Thank you God for being so biggity-big! Amen.)


    1. The image, for me, is a reflection of Revelations 3:16. A little humorous to think of God spitting us out from His mouth because we are ‘lukewarm.’ I know I do these things with ‘unfavorable’ tastes. And to me gossip is always something which leaves a bad taste behind…in our hearts & in our minds. Thank you for the re-blog…may it inspire others to never be lukewarm in His ways, ALL-ways! Hugs & Blessings!

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