in the silence of her heart

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Luke 2:19

I have loved that scripture for years.

I love that, after the eager shepherds left to spread the
word that the newborn Savior was finally here, Mary was quiet; that she was still.

I especially love how even at the foot of the Cross, no doubt agonizing over the brutality that her son endured, Mary was yet again quiet; she remained still.

I don’t know that any of us could possibly imagine the weight of the responsibility that she must have felt knowing she was holding the tiny Savior of the world in her arms. We can also only imagine the pain and suffering that must have been present between the two of them on that sacred hill called Golgotha.

The first time an angel spoke to Mary, she wasn’t afraid. Or even excited.

The Bible tells us she was confused and disturbed (Luke 1:29). 

And thoughtful.

She thought about what the angel said and tried to discern what he meant. She listened and she questioned (v. 34). Then Mary mulled over his answer and responded (v. 38).

She could have become distraught or passed out or laughed with disbelief.

But Mary pondered, asked, listened, and responded.

So many things happened to Mary in such a short amount of time, but still she treasured it all up in her heart (Luke 2:51).

If you’ve had children, you know how it can all fly by in a glorious blur!

And yet Scripture clearly says Mary stored it all up in her heart. She wasn’t missing a single moment and each detail was being treated like a treasure.

Even in her lack of understanding she cherished it all.

For Catholics, every year, the month of May is designated as “Mary’s Month” in our liturgical calendar for it is the month that we honor our Blessed Mother Mary in front of Jesus!

The last gift Jesus gave us on the cross was His Mother, and Scripture says that John “Took Mary into his care.” (John 19:27) This is the month that we do likewise, as we “take her into our care” as she takes us into hers!

During this time we are all invited to be a little more like Mary.

Who simply pondered, asked, listened, and responded.

This month, will you, like Mary, take a moment to stop and ponder Christ in your own heart?

I surely do pray you will!

As I promise to join you too!

hugs n’ blessings as we ponder, ask, listen, and respond to all that is stored in the silence of our hearts.

5 thoughts on “in the silence of her heart

  1. While I am not Catholic, Dawn, what you have shared here is profound. Oh, that we take all that God has done for us and place it in our heart to cherish it and hold it, and ponder it. Loved your words here!

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    1. Hugs to you Andy for stopping to spend some time in my blog site and for your kind words. The love of Christ unites us (all) as we place our trust in Him & seek to walk in His ways. Thank you for your companionship on the journey! 💕

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