where HAVE you been??

Image 5-18-18 at 7.59 PM

I know I have been away from my cyber-space-say-I for awhile.

And I feel all tongue-tiredly as I tippity-tap-type to you now.

 “What do I say?”  “Where do I even begin??”  

I knew an enthusiastic “Hi!” or “Hey!” wouldn’t cut it.  So I did what every other ‘loss for words’ individual would do…


I want to thank Harvard Business Review who offered the most solid advice…

  1. Acknowledge the lapse in time. (I’m sorry I’ve been absent, but God has been working on me mightily & He provided a lot of new soil for me to till in my heart during the lent & Easter Season; which took a lot of my time and effort, with the added bonus of doing some great works for Him, as well!  More on those to follow…)
  2. Explain the “Why now?” (Easter is completed, Pentecost is about to unfold, and several fields have been harvested – leaving me time now to tippity-tap-type once again!)
  3. Offer a quid pro quo (I promise to offer enthusiastic support, along with being the very best cheerleader ever, whenever the Spirit calls YOU away from this cyber-space for the opportunity to do ‘what is necessary’ in your own life circumstance.)

But more than telling you all of that

I really just wanted to say…I’ve missed you.

(All of you!)

Image 5-18-18 at 8.01 PM

And in preparation of showing  just how much you have been missed – this weekend I plan to do two things before I begin sharing my hugs n’ blessings with you, once again:

I will finish getting caught-up with all the wonderful posts YOU have posted – as I have greatly missed your well-written stories, delicious recipes, wise advise, compassionate sharing, healthy livingawesome movie reviews, and heart-warming faith experiences.

(You may have already noticed me liking many of these great posts I’d missed…)

And then there’s this whimsical fairy-tale event I must witness….

Image 4-28-17 at 1.08 PM

But, after all of that, I promise to be with you again (more regularly) beginning on Monday with a very special giggle as I begin anew…with lots of things yet to say!

(And I won’t need the google-masters to assist me any longer!)


hugs n’ blessings for all the time spent catching up!

7 thoughts on “where HAVE you been??

    1. 😊Thank you, dear Faye! Your posts were lovely while I’ve been away & I’ve enjoyed reading those you posted while I was MIA. I’ve been neglectful in commenting on most, as I had so many I enjoy following to catch-up with, but please know despite the silence (with commenting,) your posts warmed my heart as always! Stored-up hugs & blessings sent your way!!


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