morning prayer…

Sunrise at Presque Isle Erie, Pa


O God of light, the dawning day

Gives us new promise of your love.

Each fresh beginning is your gift, Like gentle dew from heav’n above.


Your blessings, Father, never fail:

Your Son, who is our daily Bread,

The Holy Spirit of your love,

By whom each day your sons are led.


Make us the servants of your peace,

Renew our strength, remove all fear;

Be with us, Lord, throughout this day,

For all is joy if you are near.


To Father, Son and Spirit blest,

One only God, we humbly pray:

Show us the splendor of your light

In death, the dawn of perfect day.

Melody:  Danby L.M.  Music:  English Traditional Melody  Text:  James QUinn, S.J.


May God be with you today.

hugs n’ blessings for all the many ways you found Him (to be)!

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