on my way home…

I’ve been somewhat quiet on my


this summer.


I do hope to begin sharing more regularly soon.


Until then…

here’s just a little bit

of joy

I’d like to release from my heart


“He’s home.”




I’m on my way home.  

Back where I belong.  

It’s been way too long.



hugs n’ blessings for all the hugs given & collected…back home!

2 thoughts on “on my way home…

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and made my heart soar in remembrances of all the folks who journey ‘away’ for many reasons. The Coming ‘Home’ is powerful for thinking also of our eternal home. Maybe I was thinking and praying ‘outside’ what was so beautifully written and shared but I do thank you for the journey. Peace! Grace!

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    1. Our heavenly home is definitely well worth the journey it takes to be with HIM for eternity! Thank you for the wonderful stretch beyond what lies in TODAY. And I look forward to the home we will all share together one day! Hugs & Blessings for your continual support and friendship!!


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