my three sons

A little boy and his mother were crossing the River..

MOTHER: “Please hold my…hand.”

BOY: “No, Mom, you hold my hand.”

MOTHER: “What’s the difference, my son?”

BOY: “If I hold your hand and something happens to me…chances are I may let your hand go…But if you hold my hand….I know for sure,

you will never let me go.”

We have three sons.

One in heaven.

One first born.

And one who,

despite his turning another whole year older today,

will forever bee

our youngest.

I didn’t get to ever-once wish our son in heaven a happy BIRTH day.

I also missed our first born’s birthday this year while recovering from

an auto mis-hap.

And so today (all-together) I wish my three son’s

a most joyous celebration of the presence you each hold in my heart!

Moreover, I want you to know how intricate and meaningful those three words are when they come from me…




I have been saying them to you throughout your entire life,

and pray you know what they mean

each time that I do.

hugs n’ EXTRA-SPECIAL blessings to our son in heaven, our first born and our youngest – I may have had the opportunity to give you life but you EACH gave me the chance to love.

7 thoughts on “my three sons

    1. Thank you kindly, Patti! Yes, indeed! We are so blessed to have God impart this vocation of parenthood upon us. Sending your entire family my warmest of hugs & blessings today and always! 😘


  1. Thank you for sharing – sometimes even super Moms can’t get it all done. As you know, we have 2 beautiful daughters. We also have 2 sons that we were never able to hold and kiss and tell them Happy Birthday, but who share heaven with your son. We are blessed to know that God, and our Blessed Mother, are taking care of them for us Happy Birthday to Jared today, and to Justin. Happy Triduum to you and Dan and your family! God bless Nance

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    1. Thank you, Nance! Oh, how I have missed you & our chats. We need to make a phone-date VERY soon. Please extend my BIGGEST hugs to your family this Easter holiday. And I am so comforted in now knowing our son in Heaven has, no doubt, two great-friends beside him – until we all meet one day, again. Love to you!!❤️


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