’tis this season

“Jesus does not demand great actions from us, but simply surrender and gratitude.”

– St Therese of Lisieux

Every year our parish Priest, Fr. Larry Richards, reminds us we are an Easter people!

(And Hallelujah is our song!)

I love this about him.

He also reminds us that HE does not like Lent! How it’s his least favorite time of the year and that he’s never been a lenten person, “Never have been and never will be.”

I love this about Fr. Larry too and I agree we ARE an Easter people!

But I must also admit I do love lent just as much.

I understand Fr. Larry’s reasoning; however, I just don’t look at Lent through the same lens.

For me – lent is not (only) about a time for me and all the things I can do FOR Jesus. But rather, it is a time of stripping away distractions and of going away WITH Jesus.

Yes, I sacrifice. Yes, I suffer.

But I do all of this WITH Jesus.

For I could do none of it without Him.

For the past few years we have had the blessing of traveling to Arizona during the season of Lent. Most people assume we go there for the warmer temperatures and bluer skies than what we are experiencing this same time of year at home, up North.

(Imagine lots of snow and grey skies to compare against, giggles.)

Admittedly, there is an extreme advantage to both of these realities!

Truthfully though – it is not those two ingredients which primarily draw us back to Arizona each year – for if it were we would probably head to Florida; which is much closer in travel for us, and where our eldest grand-daughter resides!

Rather, there is something very spiritual for us being near the desert during lent.

THAT’S why we go!

That’s why we have fallen in love with this area of our country, during this time of our liturgical year.

To go away, in the desert, with Jesus, and draw nearer to Him

has been….


Fr. Larry is right – lent can turn into a time focused on self – only about what it is, “I am doing for Jesus.”

But it does not need to be.

The most important thing in our lives is not so much what WE can do, as it is leaving room for what God can do!

And I am discovering He can indeed – despite the time, the place, or the person – do mighty things when we surrender and in gratitude receive the great grace He offers to us!

Luke 5:16 And he retired into the desert, and prayed.

I can’t wait to hear what mighty things He is doing for you too!

hugs n’ blessings for the reason behind every Season!

4 thoughts on “’tis this season

  1. THIS IS A POWERFUL TRUTH. Time with HIM is as, if not more valuable than anything else we may perceive we need to DO for HIM. a-men dear SISTER. Thanksgiving, Prayer, Walking with Him in our daily lives. Easter people. People of the CROSS. blessings! (if He says DO SOMETHING. Be prepared to Do it!)

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