Broken Crayons

I started a new collection.

And I didn’t even intend to!

I like collections.

I have a few.

Collections have the potential of adding creative color to our sometimes

bland colored days!

I collect

Polish Pottery,




(Well, maybe yarn is just an obsession.)

Image 5-2-17 at 9.49 PM

My husband would also add “all-things Kate Spade” to the list, but I think it’s just a strong affection.

Just two girls wearing Kate, for a special evening out with their dashing dates!

However, after going through the linen closet to find the “exact-size” I needed…I have determined 27 boxes of ONE item officially qualifies as a collection!

It seems I have amassed an exorbitant amount of Band-Aids.


I am certain anyone with skin-cancer understands.

The band-aids have a way of taking over throughout the course of one’s wound care and with numerous tumor removals, they seem to multiply like rabbits!

Image 5-2-17 at 10.20 PM

Your Doctor will tell you how often you should change your dressing at home.  They will explain that as your wound heals, you should not need as much gauze or packing gauze and the bandage will decrease in size.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

It’s important to follow any instructions you are given on how to change the dressing. But I do find it just as important to color a little outside the lines too!

Boxes #26 & #27 respectfully.

Image 5-2-17 at 10.39 PM

Wouldn’t it be terrible?

Wouldn’t it be sad?

If just one single color

was all the color we had?

hugs n’ blessings for all the color you will add to the world today!

And may you collect it (all) in Spades, too!

9 thoughts on “Broken Crayons

  1. I would love to learn more about you some time. Your journey and your life must have made you the person you are today. Faith transforms all things and you manage to colour what you share on this site with life and joy. Thank you.

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    1. Awe, Faye your words warm my spirit and make my heart smile. All glory to Him though, as you so well know. I am grateful for the care & protection He offers me AND for the earthly angels (hint-hint) He graces me with. Sincere hugs for the time you take to stroll through my site and encourage me along the way!!


    1. Awe, thank you Nicola!! How wonderful to learn we have similiar tastes!!! Which is your favorite??? I’d have to say I’d have a hard time choosing between my three…the band-aids well, they could go! Giggles. Hugs for taking the time to visit my site!!!

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      1. I do cross stitching, rug making, polymer clay and any craft that makes my heart sing. At the moment I am making comforting things for my daughter to take to university to help her if she struggles to be away from home at first. I am making her an English paper piercing quilt and a special rug made from her Favourite childhood clothes. And something from each of us. She goes in September and I know that she will love it once she has settled in.

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      2. Wow! You are a busy-bee no doubt! And your daughter will be so touched by all the love and care you have stitched together, for her own personalized piece of comfort!! I remember how difficult it is sending them off that first year, but trust in the great foundation you have laid underneath her and know she will always have that to rely upon! Hugs & Blessings to you both during this exciting time of transition!!

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