drafts for the draft!


“Wait. What?

“You mean you’re not taking me with you to watch The Draft?”
The NFL Draft, New York City, 2010

Our “very-own” calling the Steeler’s 6th round Draft Pick,  Running-Back Jonathan Dwyer, circa 2010

Our family enjoys watching Sports!

(Well….except this guy.)

“I’d rather watch this water filter.” JDS

Preferably the Sport of football.  Followed closely by basketball.

You will occassionally see us watching Hockey or Baseball but only Cuppycake finds pleasure in watching the sport of Golf.

(This is like watching paint dry for me!! ZERO enjoyment on the fun-meter!)

We both hold out hope that we will continue to travel around the country and watch these two particular sports, at the Collegiate level.  We think it will be a WON-wonderful hobby for us to share together now that we are officially empty-nesters!

We’ve already visited a plethora of campuses & marked them off from our list, due mainly in part to THIS guy!

Army Wins the Armed Forces Bowl!  2010

And this girlie…

And even this cutie-pa-tootie too.

(Yes, the Debate Team is considered a Sporting Event.) Well…kind-of.

We can’t wait to get out our calendars & plan for the Campuses we shall visit this Season and the games we shall be cheering at!

It was no surprise then to find a few of us “Sports-Faithful” gathered together to partake in sharing the excitment of watching The Draft together!


Drafts for The Draft!

This guy shared all the necessary details regarding the pros & cons, stats & stories, as each player was chosen by their prospective new teams.

“This guy” with his Dad.

We love the part of listenting to the stories…but know we will have missed seeing them play now that they have moved into the professional arena of the Sport.  The Collegiate level is where our hearts remain and how we enjoy watching the Sport.  (Not that we still don’t enjoy watching anything Black & Gold with a Pittsburgh, Pa affliation! But mostly through the vehicle of a Telly.  Giggles.)

How many little boy’s dreams were made as they heard their names called that night!  How proud those who love them must have been to see this dream achieved.  I pray they honor this new blessing they’ve been given…that they remain humble, that they give back to others (especially those who helped them along the way.)  And that they MOST ESPECIALLY remember to give all the glory & honor to Him, who entrusted this talent to their care…

The arena of Sports is not the only opportunity for pride in our abilities.

In today’s culture Sports and Entertainment APPEAR to garner the most attention; however, there are many opportunities to exalt His name.  I am convinced God uses ordinary people to carry out His extra-ordinary plan in the game of life.

Although this Weekend we were able to watch, yet once again another NFL Draft, we were truly blessed to watch three young men carry out His plan in very extra-ordinary ways!

And I couldn’t help but be so proud to watch them each be “Drafted” to do His will.

Our “very-own” promoted to Captain in the Army!



And two dear-friends newly Ordained as Deacons of the Diocese of Erie, Pa!

Amazing Grace!

God truly does use us in various ways!

hugs n’ blessings to all those using their talents on His playing field!!

If  our prayer is “Dear God, please use me to be of Service,” then that is what we will be.  And it is not for us to judge either the size or value of our gifts. Our job is to try to get out of the way, to defer to the Spirit moving within us and to become open channels for the flow of God’s love.”  Marianne Williamson

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