flannel swaddles



Swaddling Clothes

The Bible says

that Mary wrapped

her babe in swaddling clothes –

strips of cloth

wound ’round and ’round

his shoulders to his toes.

This makes me think of Christmas gifts

kids often get from grandmas,

but we don’t call them swaddling clothes

we call ’em flannel pajamas.



Do you have fond memories of  the night of Christ’s birth?

hugs n’ blessing to all of you who do & may you sleep tight!


“She brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes…” Luke2:7

9 thoughts on “flannel swaddles

    1. Indeed, she was cute as a button the entire visit! Missing her but wrapping up with wonderful memories to keep our hearts warm! PS-She adored her flannel nightgown and I needed to rewash it for several “requested” wears – reminded me of all the comfy nightgowns sewn lovingly from Gram that I wore, those many years ago!


  1. Dawn Marie.. you are a beautiful woman with everlasting love that surrounds you. Thank you for being you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless us all his children. Peacefully and Gratefully, Tina Marie

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    1. Tina, you are too kind! 😊 I am tickled you found my blog and are now following along!! It is always such a delight to have you around and now you are here in my cyber-space – how blessed am I!! I am grateful to have your friendship and I look forward to all the ways God will continue to draw our paths together! Hugs and blessing to you and all you love this Christmas Season! 😘


    1. I am tickled to share these photos with others, in hopes their heart may be as warmed as mine when seeing them!! (And if they bring someone half the JOY I receive, what a wonderful world it would be!!!) And indeed, children are often our reminder of what life SHOULD be. Hugs n’ blessings!!

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  2. Lovely blog entry. Beautiful photos. interesting thought for me flannette pyjamas. When my baby was born on 19th December it was so hot most of the babies were dressed only in nappies. Often pretty colours. I was still in hospital on Christ5mas Eve (I had a caesarian). Babies on that wonderful night of memories were in cribs beautifully decorated but very little clothing on. Christmas carols and the wonder of Christmas was very evident in that nursery with new Mums and babies. .

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  3. What a beautiful memory Faye! A Christmas baby is a very special baby for certain! A stark difference from our Christmas temperatures here in the Northeast part of the USA though, giggles!! Thank you for sharing such vivid memories with me – I loved ‘walking through’ the nursery with your lovingly described visuals! Hugs n’ blessings!


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