Bearing my Blessings out to dry!

Hip-Hip-Hooray, it is 3hugs&blessings Thursday!!

And although I’ve been neglectful to share…the blessings have continued to hang-out with me and be there!

My recent blessings:

  1. The Saints God sent me this week to guard & guide me. Most especially St. Pontian (for his understanding heart,) and St. Hippolytus (for his loving obedience.)
  2. The ridiculously-fun-real-life-relationships I have with my 3 adult children and how we have all stuck together these past 2 years, despite the messiness of life!🙈  They fulfill me, challenge me & bring me closer to God every day in various ways! No matter how exhausted I may become there is always energy to laugh together!🙉 #ohhowilovethem #notmymonkeysnotmycircus🙊
  3. The new friends I made during our pilgrimage to see our Papa, Pope Francis, in Philadelphia, Pa!  This includes ‘The Mexicans’ (and all those I met from all over the World!)

I  do pray pardon for bear-ly keeping up with this challenge & invite you, once again,  to forage your thoughts before hibernating tonight and give thanks for your 3hugs&blessings this day/week too!

Let’s all keep spreading happiness with 3hugs&blessings at a time!


(And may this not be to awfully botherly-bother for you to do!)oh-bother

I can bearly wait to count my blessings for the week ahead! (Think. Think. Think.)

These 3hugs&blessings are for you, as I’m praying you’ll count your blessings too!!

“In the world you will have trouble but take courage I have conquered the world!!!!”

John 16:33

5 thoughts on “Bearing my Blessings out to dry!

    1. Melissa! Your words are so kind…thank you! The good you are doing with your own blog is outstanding! I am often forwarding your brave writings to ###. It is helpful for ### to know ### is not alone (unfortunately) in the struggle ### faces & the complications narcissism brings to the matter. ####’s faith keeps ### strong and the assurance that Truth is known by God & that is all that really matters in the end. Keep up the ‘good works’ you are doing… I am certain you are helping many others! Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Dawn Marie, thank you for your like on my Nursing Home Lament. It provided a way for me to come hang out with you a while. I’m clicking your “follow” so I can share more time with you. Come back to my place when you can.

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