you can call me up…

“Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.”

1 Timothy 4:15

*I promise.

You can call me up…

because you know I’ll be there.

Image from Pinterest.
Video from youtube – music by Cyndi Lauper.

hugs n’ blessings for the room we are given to grow!!

*On my honor, I will try:
    To serve God and my country,
    To help people at all times, 
    And to live by the Golden Rule. (Adapted from the Girl Scout Promise.)

2 thoughts on “you can call me up…

  1. The Truth is our 2019 world is that Jesus is Calling ALL of us to a HIGHER PLACE in Presence with Him. He is the ONE who sees our true colours. He alone KNOWS our hearts and our inner persons. The essence of the beautiful song you have shared is that it is God the Holy Spirit yearning over this world who wants all humanity to yearn and search for HIGHER. The true colors are then a real possibility in every person.

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