she calls him babe.

I remember when I first heard it.

I remember when I first heard him call her, “Babe.”

That’s when I knew…this boy loves our darling daughter.

abby & Jake copy

(And yes, he did eventually proceed to become our son-in-law.)

This past Christmas I heard that sweet word, “Babe,” being spoken, yet once again.


Only this time it sounded ever-so-sweetly British; and so it was, that once again I knew… this girl loves our devoted son.

We think she’s simply brilliant!

She’s our very own modern day, StJoan of Arc – which she appropriately chose as her confirmation name!

(See, I told you – she is simply brilliant!)

In celebration of her ‘special day of birth,’  I do so verily hope it was full of love and happinessespecially since she has given so much love and happiness to each of us!

To this extent, it is with the greatest of affection, I send out across these cyber-waves a sincere wish that her days’ always be simply BRILLIANT (in every way!)

I can’t wait to share some cake with her – with God’s help & a grateful prayer – it will hopefully be VERY soon!

hugs n’ blessings (always) to a very brilliant lady…and her devoted babe!

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.”  St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc – Patroness of Military members, most especially Service women. Her feast day is May 30th.

*Photo & Music credit: Featured Image – Unsplashed, Tammy Strot; St. Joan of Arc – Kristyn Brown; Music Video Youtube – Sonny & Cher.


6 thoughts on “she calls him babe.

    1. Thank you! We are over the moon excited with the recent ‘glad news’ she will officially become our daughter-in-law very shortly!! Hugs to you for your kind support and encouragement!


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