a day without laughter is a day wasted!

it’s the monday giggles….!!!!!!!



(And even monthsssss ago!)

The average child laughs about 400 times a day.

The average grumpy adult may not laugh at all each day.

So laugh about something!


And don’t just laugh alone; even if you must introduce yourself to someone new,

find something to laugh about together!!!

Minion super-secret-flagellation-maker.




From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere! -Dr. Seuss



hugs n’ blessings because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

I commend enjoyment…Ecclesiastes 8:15

11 thoughts on “a day without laughter is a day wasted!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! You figured out how to read my blog!!! Thanks for making my day & for sharing in the giggles!!! (I do so verily hope you’ll take some time to stroll through my site to enjoy some of the other blogs posted throughout the years!) Blessings to you and please stop back again!!


  1. Thank you for the reminder. Joy and laughter feed the soul. How often we can forget the importance. Also too the Joy of the Lord IS our Strength. (internal bubble of Divine richness). Laugh and the world laughs with you………..Cheers and Love XOxO

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  2. Laughter is something our country seems to be in desperate need of. We have (temporarily) lost the ability to share ideas and perspectives without being threatened with judgement and ridicule. A little laughter would go a long way to lowering defensive postures; the first step needed to create the ability to LISTEN and HEAR each other.

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