it’s the monday giggles…


Image 10-16-17 at 9.17 PM
photo from Pinterest


Summer has come and gone.

But it forgot to take the extra-fluff-n-stuffin’ with it!

Instead it decided to stick with me.

(Even though my hips said: “NO, you must go!!”)

Image 10-16-17 at 9.22 PM

So, it’s back to earlier wake-ups with feet to the pavement.

No worries! It won’t take long.

And the best part is Helen will come along.


(Despite her complaints of the extra-early hour rising!)

Just 10 more minutes of shut-eye before we begin another fit(ish)day!


hugs n’ blessings for believing you can & laughing along while you do!!

2 thoughts on “4:30am.

  1. People may not love the concept of early morning rises, but they do love the concept of quality health, exuberance/high energy, improved function and more time to accomplish pleasurable and necessary tasks. We are creatures of habit. We can choose habits that support quality/healthy living, or we can choose habits that cause great deficits to our lives. We are blessed with the opportunity to decide for ourselves.

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