rosy glow

Lent is 40 days.

But Easter is 50!


During these past 50 (plus) days I have taken the time to be quiet; albeit extremely busy, in an effort to be more fully present with the people, places, or circumstances I found myself to be – while keeping my eyes wide open.

Looking back, I am so grateful that I did!

Praise him, sun and moon! Praise him, all you twinkling stars! Praise him, skies above! Praise him, vapors high above the clouds! Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for he issued his command, and they came into being. He set them in place forever and ever. His decree will never be revoked.

Psalm 148:3-6


If you live in a northern climate, you know there are few joys as sharp and sweet as spring, unfolding slowly into lush abundance at the end of a long harsh winter. The sunshine, the colors, the smells – everything conspires to make you glad.

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we’ve lost it for a time.

Certainly, we can all relate to this in some way regarding the many things lost throughout the Pandemic. Moreover, now that restrictions & masking are beginning to be lifted life somehow is beginning to shine like the New Jerusalem.

There’s a transfiguration happening!

Even the things that were once dull or boring seem to be an astonishing gift.

Life can bring such joy and pain, a contrast of light and darkness. If we let them, the difficulties we suffer can be a filter through which we see the ordinary gifts of life in sharper view – the ability to breathe, walk, hear, sing, pray, hold another’s hand. All these can be occasions for gratitude, even when life is difficult.

Today, let us focus not on those things that are difficult, but on all we have been given.

May we embrace our (every) day with eyes wide open to God’s many blessings.

hugs n’ blessings for all those willing to open their eyes, daily!

8 thoughts on “rosy glow

  1. You have been truly blessed and surrounded in love. All of your pictures show that.
    And we too are thankful and grateful for all of our blessings. And we thank God everyday that he brought us out of this pandemic year!
    It was nice meeting you! We will chat soon.

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    1. Thank you kindly, Nancy! I am so glad to be counting our blessings together…especially now that we are in the same location together! Isn’t God the BIGGEST surprise-organizer of all?? It was a delight to meet you & your sweet-man and I look forward to our time spent together by the lake this Season! Sending Hugs to you until I see you next.

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  2. Dawn, your words are as beautiful as you and your family!!!! Oh I had tears seeing the joys and babies and fun times! Thank you for this precious post and reminder to be thankful for all that Hod has given!!! I just love you! 💚❤️💛🤗

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    1. Aren’t you simply the sweetest!! 😊 I do not know how I have earned all this joy surrounding me; however, I am scooping it up & hugging it all tight in pure gratitude. Thank you for celebrating the joy WITH me!! And I am equally filled with great delight to have your companionship through this cyber-journey we are on. God has blessed me abunduntly with your wisdom, joy, & friendship. Huge hugs!!

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