The Wonder of It All!

The Advent Season always fills me with great “Wonder.”

I wonder what Mary must have been feeling waiting for the arrival of her child conceived by the Holy Spirit.

I wonder how Joseph carried the weight of responsibility he’d been given.

I wonder how the Wise Men and the Shepherds trusted what was told to them enough to follow the Star, which led them to the babe in the Manger.

And I wonder how anyone could ever drink Eggnog!!

Seriously. Ever.


This time of year is full of wonder.

And I delight in the joy of loving a God who fills us with the ability to trust in Him, while still questioning, “How can this be?” 

Today I made a list of small wonder-ings:

 I wonder if I have enough gift wrap.

I wonder how many cookies to bake.

I wonder if the ham is big enough.

I wonder what to wear at the Christmas Eve gathering.


I wonder if our son will feel the love we send him this holiday season, even while he is deployed so very far away.

But mostly,


I think that’s why the perfect Saint for the Christmas and Advent season can be none other than Santa Claus himself, St. Nicholas!

An after-nap special delivery from Good old St. Nick!


St. Nicholas is a major saint in many European and Eastern countries, and one of the old Christian traditions surrounding his feast day is for kids to leave their shoes out overnight in front of the fireplace, on the windowsill, or outside their bedroom door so that St. Nicholas can fill them with special fruits, candies, and other small gifts and treats.

Saint Nicholas was so much more
than just a jolly soul.
He lived to radiate God’s love,
and from Heaven meets this goal!
(by Brenda & George Nippert)

St. Nicholas teaches us to give freely to others, not just material gifts but spiritual gifts as well.  A prayer for someone in need is a gift, using our talents for good is a gift, and doing acts of kindness is a gift.  St. Nicholas shows us that our gifts are not to be kept (selfishly or hidden,) because they are not our own but rather these gifts of ours were given to us by God himself!

Is it any wonder He would not want us to share them with the rest of the world!

hugs n’ blessings to all those filling lives full of love & the wonder of what is yet to come!

“Lord, be born in my heart. Come alive in me this Christmas! Amen.”


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