love me just as you are!

Lucca, Italy

Love Me Just As You Are!

Author Unknown

I know your wretchedness, the struggles and tribulations of your soul and the weakness of your sickly body; I know your cowardice, your sins, your dejection, and yet I tell you, “Give me your heart, love me just as you are!”

If you wait to be an angel before abandoning yourself and giving yourself to Love, you’ll never love me.  Although you fall over & over into those faults that you would never wish to commit, although you may be so weak in the practice of virtue; I will bear everything, except your refusal to love me.  

Florence, Italy.

At every instant and in every state of mind in which you may find yourself, in fervor as in dryness, love me just as you are!  I want the love of your needy heart; if you wait to be perfect to love me, you’ll never love me.  Am I not able to make of every grain of sand a seraph, radiant in purity, nobility, and love?  Could I not, with a single movement of my will, make thousands of saints arise out of nothingness, a thousand times more perfect and lovable than the ones I have created?  Am I not the omnipotent one?  And if I have wished to leave unmade forever all these marvelous beings, and have preferred your poor love to theirs?

Rome, Italy.

My child, let me love you.  Give me your heart.  I surely mean to help you to grow better, but meanwhile, I love you as you are.  In you, I love even your fragility.  The love of the poor pleases me:  I wish that from their indigence this cry might arise continually:  “Lord, I love you.”  What do I want with your knowledge and your talents?  I could have destined you for great matters, but no, you will be the unprofitable servant.  I only ask that you love!  Love will bring you to do all the rest without your realizing it; only try to fill the present moment with love;  try to fulfill each of your little duties out of love.

St. Paul’s Inside the Walls, Rome, Italy.

Today, I come like a beggar to the door of your heart, I, the Lord of Lords.  I knock and I wait:  open quickly; don’t tell me you are wretched, don’t tell me you are not worthy.  If you knew all your neediness, you would have died of pain.  The only thing that could wound my heart would be to see you doubt or lack trust in me.  I will give you a love much more perfect than you ever dreamed.  But remember this:

love me just as you are!


hugs n’ blessings given freely, just as you are!

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