a month and a butt

In all this unnecessary craziness.

There was a spouse or a mother that helped her Marine pack.

She helped get their gear together.

With tear filled eyes, she helped fold everything to fit.

She read off the gear list as they double checked everything.

She hid in the bathroom as tears warmed her cheeks.

She drove him/her to where they needed to be.

She kissed him/her, and said “see you later, be safe.”

One month & a butt (ago) that same woman was sitting at home, praying her doorbell didn’t ring.

Today, please pray for the families that never wanted their Marine to leave, but still helped them pack.

As we retire to our beds in comfort tonight, someone somewhere doesn’t even have tears left to cry…

many shared hugs n’ blessings as you whisper a prayer on their behalf.

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