I washed my car today.

Anytime I work on my car, interiorly or exteriorly, I always think of my dad.

He was an auto-body mechanic.

He was most respected for & specialized in exterior repair.

For a short period of time he owned his own automotive Garage:

Wally’s Auto-Body Shop!

Sometimes, (but not often,) my mom would let me hang-out at the Garage with dad.

I can still smell the primer, auto-grease and the over-spray of new car paint.

One day, while I was hanging around the shop, he taught me how to bondo!

Not many people know this but I actually was quite good at it.

My first car was a Ford Pinto that I purchased for $100.
Needless to say, it needed LOTS of bondo!! *This is not my exact car but my dad & I did paint it an awesome Metallic Blue!

My dad use to say, “the trick with bondo was to have just the right amount of confidence to push the putty around, but a light enough touch to end up with a smooth coat.”

I loved when he allowed me to work with bondo & often pretended I was a sculptor!

After doing it a few times with several disastrous attempts; he told me with surprising pride, “You’ve got the right touch. Now, stop staring & start sanding!”


I still remember how special that made me feel in his eyes.

There were not many such moments between my dad & I – our relationship was rather messy – but I suppose that is why he comes to mind each time I’m cleaning my car.

Just like the car dust, sticky grandchildren finger-prints, and any candy wrappers on the floor I’ve wiped up & thrown away – so too – the “mess” between my father & I has been equally discarded.

My faith has helped me to do that.

And the brave testimony’s of other people’s journey too.

The things they’ve learned and the kindness they have shown when taking the time to share about their own “messiness” is consoling.

We often find hope as we discover we’re not alone in our “mess” -that others have cleaned up, patched things together, sanded things down and been made new again, too.

This weekend I imagine I will have the opportunity to clean-up even more, as I attend the 138 Women’s Conference being hosted in my Diocese.

Two dynamic women will be speaking and there is no doubt I will discover something the Lord wishes me to improve – to push & smooth & sand my Spirit just a little bit more.

I know I will bee 🐝 made New in some manner, because the Lord’s got just the right touch to move through the words these wonderful ladies will be speaking.

And I can’t wait to hear how proud my Father in heaven will be…both of them.

hugs n’ blessings for the ways you are sculpting your life to be!

3 thoughts on “splish-splash

  1. Hi Dawn! Amen – we are not alone in our mess – i love that 🙂 and I also loved this beautiful post about your dad. Such special memories with the bondo at his shop – thanks for sharing that! Also — a car for $100!!!! oh my gosh, if only, right!? I’m still floating on cloud nine from this weekend! it was so special to be able to meet you in person!! 🙂 Hugs and love xox

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    1. Hello, friend!! I have missed you since watching you enter the revolving door at the airport! Thank you for the very kind letter you left behind for me to discover. 💕. And thank you for strolling through my site! Indeed, cherished memories of happier times. It’s funny what the heart holds on to. Yes…$100 for a rust-bucket-turned sparkling-beauty. It really was a mechanical Cinderella story, although the floor-boards on the passenger side did continue to let water in whenever the rain puddles became too deep! 🤣🤣🤣 I pray you are still on top of that floating cloud – your witness continues to touch so many lives. We have received an abundance of beautiful feedback from the attendees at the conference and especially now that your video has been posted. God bless you for your courage and transparency. BIG hugs!!😘😘

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      1. Thank you Dawn! me too!! That was such a special weekend 🙂 and i certainly am still floating – i don’t think my feet have touched the ground since last Saturday! 🙂 and yes! i just discovered the video, so i got to share that with my family and rewatch it, and the flood of emotion and gratitude just came rushing back! 🙂 I hope your Holy Week is off to a blessed and meaningful start. Hugs and love xox

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