the Wedding War Room

it’s a 3hugs&blessings thursday and even though the blessings exceed far beyond the required 3, it is the perfect day to share this post because…



the page officially turned…

with a tiny-tidge of sorrow & a heaping portion of joy,

the entirety of the Wedding process has been completed!

(However) this doesn’t mean it’s the last time I will write about it, as a few of you have requested information about particular items from that day; which will spill out like sprinkles from time to time…I promise!  (Giggles.)

Over the course of the past several days we watched as the after-wedding brunch tent, tables, & white garden chairs were removed from our backyard. Cuppycake, our youngest son, and I picked up all the items from the Reception Hall and returned them to their rightful places. Dresses & a very suave tux were sent off to the dry-cleaners. Bills were paid, appreciation gifts delivered to our vendors, and today the final and last task necessary, to complete the Wedding planning/preparation/procedural process, was accomplished!

You see my friendly friends, today the Wedding War Room has been deconstructed!!

(Can you hear the sound of the Heavenly trumpets playing???)

“What is a War Room?” you might ask.

In business terms a War Room is a command centre which is any place that is used to provide centralized command for some purpose.

While frequently considered to be a military facility, these can be used in many other cases. Simply put, it is a room (or facility,) where people meet and exchange plans, ideas, information, etc., in an active way.

In governmental or military terms it is a room where battles are planned that is specially equipped with maps, charts, and computers showing the current status of troops in battle and how they are maintained.

In spiritual terms there are War Rooms as well!

They are the spaces and ways in which we centralize our prayer efforts. Spiritually, we have three battlegrounds: our own hearts; the spiritual realm (against spiritual forces, and where God works on the spirit of others); and the physical world where we interact ourselves. Prayer engages the battle in the spiritual realm. And it prepares our hearts to participate in that spiritual battle. But it also prepares us to engage in the physical world. Prayer War Rooms help us to activate and intentionalize our prayers and monitor how they are maintained and through the grace of God, answered!

Our Wedding War room was all of this (minus the battles) and more, wrapped up into one centralized effort…storing everything necessary to prepare/provide for The Wedding!

Normally, this particular room serves to house our youngest son during his time home for an occassional over-night visit. But he graciously surrendered this space during the many months we plotted and planned!

(Rest assured there was still another place for him to sleep, should the need occur!)

And so it was,

month after month,

that we stacked and stored and constructed!

Neatly arranging everything

to be ready

for the Wedding Day!


But today

piece by piece

what little remained

I put away.


First I sorted.

Then sifted and carried.

Returned items to their former homes.

Placed what could not be reused/repurposed in the trash.

And collected a sampling of all important items to be kept for the new

Mr. & Mrs.

in a forever box.

Until all that remained was just a tender reminder

of the only thing missing on that special day.”

-Said I to Cuppycake.

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. -Romans 12:12

So with this last little item tucked safely away, (for another day when we shall play,)

the need for a Wedding War Room

was no more…

and in it’s place is,

once again,

a comfortable space for our son

to lay his head!


hugs n’ blessings

to all who have succeeded 

by the efforts of what was activated

in their War Room!

And I hope-itty-hope and pray you too may find 3hugs&blessings this day!

3 thoughts on “the Wedding War Room

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Spiritual war room is very dear to my heart at present. Did you see the film? What a wake-up call to us ALL. This has been such a glorious adventure for the ones like me who have been simply following your blog. (ie 22 days until your special 50th…..) Truly the beginning of a whole new stage of life for you. Blessings and Love.


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