Today is this biscuit lover’s birthday!

“Did someone say, Biscuits?”
Seriously. He loves biscuits.

And so I send out a special prayer just for him. May it ‘rise like dough’ up to the Heavens & be answered by the One above!

Lord, I’m praying for my boy today.

Thank you for giving him to me, and for the privilege of being his parent. I’ve got some things on my heart, and I’m bringing these request to You now. Thank You that You hear and answer prayer.

Please keep him safe.

Protect him from physical danger, emotional harm, and spiritual attacks. Put Your angels around him so that he is always sheltered in Your care. Guard his mind, his eyes, and his steps.

Help him make wise choices.

Give him courage to choose paths that will lead to long life, to joy, and to Your purposes for him. Give him the eyes & wisdom to avoid temptation and pursue what is good.

May he always be a man of character.

Help him to continue to be honest, kind, generous, and unselfish. May he always be trustworthy and resilient, be willing to work hard, and ready to take responsibility for his decisions. Give him the ability to see the best in people and circumstances, and to find strength in the face of adversity.

Surround him with good people.

Provide friends who encourage him, understand him, and have a positive influence on him. And help him to walk away from any relationships that tear down his self-worth, or cause him to make poor choices. Give him mentors; people he can trust, those he can emulate. We all need godly role models, and I ask You to provide them for him.

Give my son a heart for You.

I know that he will make mistakes and that he will have struggles. This is part of life. But through these experiences, would You speak to him; and show him that You are for him? May he love You in the Quiet, and seek Your peace in the midst of a noisy world. Help him to see You in the everyday moments of his life.

I commit this young man to You.

There is so much I can’t control now that he is this age, but I know I can always come to You with my requests, and I can relinquish my worries to You. I thank You for peace, and freedom from fear, because Your perfect love casts out all fear. I stand on Your promise that You will complete the good work that You have started in my son, and You will always love this beautiful gift You’ve given me, even more than I could ever do.

Adapted from the Poem A Prayer For My Son, by Ron Tranmer.

Biscuit meaning: 1. a small, flat cake that is dry and usually sweet: 2. a type of bread usually baked in small, round pieces: 3. a small, soft, raised bread.
Son-of-mine! I will always love your dry & usually sweet humor. May you hear my small, softly raised song of praise to God today -for the joyful gift He gave to us when He rounded you together in my womb.

hugs n’ blessings with two added cups of hugs and unending tablespoons of blessings to a very special son!

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