two (2) time champions!

The Bride & Groom  just celebrated their two month anniversary!

And what a great team they make together!

Champion newlyweds?

“Yinz know it!”


Another look back, on their wedding day, takes us this time to review

the clever table names & centerpieces they choose.

To compliment their Wedding theme of…

“All Things Black & Gold”

they departed from the traditional table number scheme

and instead

selected the names of various Pittsburgh affiliated athletes who

represented the (University of Pittsburgh) Pitt Panthers, Pittsburgh Pirates , Penguins, and of course

Super-Bowl Champions

the Pittsburgh Steelers!

All of their favorite Pittsburgh Champions were well represented!


The very first thing we did was to collect various gold or black picture frames. Some were new and others were repurposed and refreshed with the help of brilliant-gold spray paint!

After the groom personally selected the players nearest & dearest to his heart, we printed photos of each player to place in every frame.


There was a lot of ink needed to print off photos of such great Champions!


Besides a photo,

there were also Black & Gold Ribbons attached to each frame;

so that all of the guests could easily find

their assigned tables!

Guests could find their tables by name, photo or the player’s jersey-number!

The centerpieces themselves were trophies we spent months collecting from various locations.  Some as far away as England!

(Thank goodness for Etsy!)

Cuppycake assisted in making platforms,

if a trophy was in need of one,

and as expected,

Allburn’s Florist  did an outstanding job

filling each one with

the most beautiful floral arrangements!


(The trophies have worked well even post-wedding reception, giggles!)

Champions deserve to be honored.

And these two honored many that day!

abby & Jake copy

But just like Moses,

they knew of whom

deserved the greatest honor & glory.

And indeed…

they honored Him well.

Image 5-17-16 at 9.29 AM (1)
Photo courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography

“Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner;”  Exodus 17:15

Who are some of your most favorite Champions?

hugs n’ blessings to all the Champions I am blessed to know!

6 thoughts on “two (2) time champions!

  1. What an enormous amount of time and effort put in for this special occasion. I’ll bet it was worth every second. Am I correct in assuming you simply added benches in your living room to accommodate the guests at the wedding? ( 😀 ) . I love what you’ve done with the place. 🙂
    Those kids will have memories to look back on a lifetime. So wonderful to see a FUNCTIONAL FAMILY in the middle of a dysfunctional time in history. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Giggles. We would have loved to open our home for such a joyous occassion; however that would have entailed eliminating a significant amount of special people from the guest list & I can’t imagine not having them near us at such a important moment in our family’s lives! But the benches were indeed full at the rented location and indeed we had a magical time together!!! Such a lovely compliment regarding our family; however, we are indeed very ‘ordinary’ and flawed…simply striving to do our very best in loving and serving others. Hugs my friend & an added blessing sent your way for your kindness.


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