never forget you’re someone special!

“Guess what day it is today????”

“Quick, follow-me…I’m going straight downstairs to see what I can find!”

“Oh, bother…”

What’s wrong Helen?

“Last year at this time, the sunroom was full of surprises.” (Click here to see.)

Helen, who are you waiting for?

“Oh, I just thought a friend or two might be stopping by today.”


(Ssshhh! Or Helen might hear you sneaking in through the front door.)

 Everyone gather ’round for the big surprise!

Zebra, make some noise!


“What was that noise in the kitchen???”


S U R P R I S E !


“How could I ever imagine they would forget?”


“I have the very best-friends in the whole wide world!! (And they certainly know how to make the best almond-butter-birthday-breakfast-dish ever!!)
“Thank you for the fun surprise and I’m sorry I doubted you would remember.  If you ask me,  “How long I will be your friend?”  My answer will be, “I don’t know.  Because I don’t know which is longer: FOREVER OR ALWAYS?””

So, I guess there is only ONE question left:

“Nap, anyone?”
Helen Kowalska, today & everyday we cherish your Golden smiles!

Happy Birthday furry-golden-friend!

Thank you for reminding us these past 3 years that

Life is always full of surprises and fun!

The fun starts with your birth and surprises continue as long as you create them,

(and visa-versa I say! GIGGLES.)


Every day is a great day to celebrate God’s wonderful works. But today is a great day to celebrate you, one of God’s most wondrous creations!

may hugs n’ almond-butter blessings be shared in a Golden-Way today with everyone you greet!


7 thoughts on “never forget you’re someone special!

    1. Thank you Faye for your faithful encouragement. Your generousity to do so is often the ray of ‘refreshment’ I need for my spirit! Sincere hugs for your cyber-friendship!! I am blessed by your visits to my site!!


  1. I have just enjoyed looking around your blog. I liked the theme and layout and found it dynamic and interesting. What is it called? I also enjoyed reading your bucket list – I love Vespas also and I also don’t have one (yet). My daughter told me to stop talking about scooters so much, and when in Rome my head was swivelling because there were so many ! Reading your posts today I felt an appreciation for light and life. Thank you for sharing. – David

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, thank you kindly, Dave! 😊 Hugs to you for appreciating my creative efforts to make my blog-space welcoming, while spilling over with cheerful purpose. It is good to hear from time to time. The template I use is toujours and I use it on my other blog site as well, because it is very user friendly. (

      It would be great fun to own a Vespa! Perhaps we will each own one while we are still able to drive safely! 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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