Bold & beautiful!


It’s the beginning of Lent on our Calendar of Faith & I am pleased to announce  it took me only about 3 minutes to be told “Hey, you have something black on your forehead!”  

“No? Do I realllly???”


It’s okay. We Catholics know how to politely play the game! But truthfully I usually do forget the Ashes are on me. It takes me a moment to remember people are not staring at me because I’m “ridiculously good-looking” like Zoolander, or that I’ve forgotten to comb my hair before leaving the house (this may or may not have happened before.) But instead it’s the big black smudge mark on my forehead which causes the furrowed foreheads & raised eyebrows starring back at me.

I have found it best to simply “embrace the Ash” I’m wearing,  no matter the color or size of the black cross. It’s rather beautiful becoming ‘calendar reminders’ to those who pass by and declare, “I forgot today is Ash Wednseday!” (I heard this at least 3 times this morning walking through the airport between gates.) Not to mention the wonderful boldness of those at the hospital who smiled & stopped to ask during my Communion Rounds, “Are you giving out Ashes too?”

You meet people.

Others smile at you.

And of course there are the ones who rub at their own forehead hoping to signal to you again, “Hey, you have something black on your forehead.” 


“No? Do I realllly?”


hugs n’ blessings to all the #ashtags out there sporting their symbols of faith!! 

4 thoughts on “Bold & beautiful!

  1. Thank you sincerely. Of all the blogs I may see this day…..This one has both inspired faith and made me determined to use this Lenten season to fulfil its purpose. lack of something …fill it will prayer. May God bless your journey abundantly. In Him we trust.

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    1. All praise & glory to He who inspires us all. 🙏🏻 And what hope we receive as He guides us to discover those who seek Him in their everyday living. Thank you for your words of encouragement & your example! Hugs!!


  2. A Blessed Lent to you and Dan! Hope you are well…lots of excitement getting ready for Abby’s big day! So, as we begin this season of fasting, prayer and almsgiving, know that your blog continues to encourage me and remind me of the special people God has brought into my life! Love, Nancy.

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    1. I count myself doubly blessed to have your friendship!😇 And to know you follow my blog is humbling beyond measure….as I learn so much more from YOU than I could ever hope to return. Praise to Him who brought us together, dear dear friend!😘


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