every waving flag.

Image 11-10-17 at 2.50 PM

Patriotism means

to stand by

the Country.

It does not mean

to stand by the


or any other

public official.

Theodore Roosevelt.



Image 11-10-17 at 2.49 PM

Home of the free because of the brave!

hugs n’ blessings to all our Veterans,

as we honor your valor and sacrifice!



2 thoughts on “every waving flag.

  1. Beautiful tribute and post. Remembrance this year for us here in Oz has made me again pose the question of where is our national pride beside our commitment to Christ and His atoning sacrifice for us all. Australia’s destiny as,,,The great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Are we in our generation truly living our lives with gratitude and never forgetting the higher Calling to love our God with our whole heart, mind, and spirit.? This is the yardstick by which all the nations of the world will one day be judged. Thank you for the beauty of your post.

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  2. Thank you, Faye! There is no greater sacrifice than to lay down one’s own life for the sake of another and we have that perfect model in Christ. And as you said, a sacrifice made for us ALL. I appreciate your continued encouragement & count you as a very special blessing to me! Hugs!


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