The Original Pinterest Board

I invented Pinterest.


Just like Al Gore invented the Internet.

Ever discover something new and think to yourself, “I wish I would have thought of that!” (Like dental floss on a stick.)  Or even better… Raise your hand if you DID already think of this same new idea; however never imagined taking it to the next step?? (Both of my hands are raised high in the air!)

That’s me! And my son!  And Pinterest.

When our youngest son was a little guy (not in stature but in age,) we recognized he was a child of many distracted directions and thoughts.  Imagine the dog Doug, from the the popular movie UP….that was our beautiful boy.  So kind and tender and full of wonder, a heart full of love & light and naivety. And… easily distracted.  (Squirrel!)

He had so many interests. So many passions. So many collections.  And he had an equally organized mother who struggled with the accumulations of “matter” attached to these various interests, passions, and collections!  We needed a compromised way to organize some of his interests which made us both happy and that’s how the board of pinned interest was invented!

A large board, hung in his leopard-spotted bedroom, which we could “Pin” some of said stuff in an effort to become organized (for my sanity) and less distracted, (for his attention-span!)

Image 3

photo photo Image 3

If we had only taken our idea to bigger and greater heights. Think of what would have happened had WE been the two to put it ON THE LINE! (Or online.)

When we moved recently from our home of 17 years, our son’s board of pinned interest came with us and has remained much as it was when it hung in his room as a little guy.  Looking over the board I’ve enjoyed the memories that have stirred within me and I am grateful to have them displayed to be reminded of the many wonderful interests our son has often had.

And I wonder if we all had this board of pinned interest publicly displayed would we be proud, as believers, of what our Lord would see?  Would our interests glorify Him?  Or would they horrify? What would our interests say about us as believers? What would Jesus want us to pin?

Recently, I discovered (again too late in the game) that other’s contemplate these same questions.  That there is already a great visual discovery tool ON THE LINE  networking people with shared visions, thoughts, & interests; who desire to live a life glorifying His holy name.


when you write a message, share a photo, or a video online, do you stop and think about what it says about you as a believer?

I am enjoying the new discovery of this site and am encouraged by those who set a good example, by their pinned interests, of

  “living a life as servants of God.” Peter 2:16

And it truly is okay with me that THEY thought to take this idea to bigger heights before I did. Both my hands are still raised high in the air that I’m like-minded with them!!

Hugs n’ Blessings!

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