rainbows and unicorns

Let me be the FIRST to say…..

(because I’m an entire 24 hours early)


25 x 2




to a special someone who


counts their rainbows



their thunderstorms!

(And you can wish her the same thing too – tomorrow!!)

hugs n’ blessings to the one who made ME a big SIS!

PS- A Very Happy Birthday to my favorite sister! A Happy Birthday to my only sister!

(Don’t worry, I blame mom & dad for not having any other options.)

One thought on “rainbows and unicorns

  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow to younger sister. My baby brother will celebrate 100-30 on the 22nd November which if you are interested was the hottest November day on record back in 1949. here in Oz. Its not even Summer until the 1st December. You and your celebrations are no doubt weather focussed if uou intend to meet ‘outdoors’. xx (
    Guess its the approaching cold).


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