eight years!

So THIS happened yesterday!!


Who would have thunk it!

A great big thanks goes out to all of YOU!!

For without your kind support I would be simply talking to myself.

Which in and of itself is still true! Blogging merely gives way to my self-talk coming out through the tippity-tap typing I’ve been doing in this cyber-space-say I!


But seriously!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For I know much of what I say is meaningless and that my punctuation is less than desirable and that there are other bloggers who you could be spending your time reading who are much more life-giving than I; however, I want you to know I TRULY appreciate the time you take to spend with me at my hugs n’ blessings site.

Therefore, PLEASE do not ever under-estimate the difference your support has made in MY life – each & every time you have stopped – even if only for a minute – to stroll through my site.

hugs n’ blessing to EACH AND EVERY ONE of you today, as we celebrate this journey together!

10 thoughts on “eight years!

    1. Your support & constant encouragement has been invaluable as you have been with me every step of the way! My most special hugs will forever be saved for you…💕


  1. Wonders 🪐and adventure 🧗🏼‍♂️peak 🏔interest of how the Lord used your gifts 📝💻and talents. Blessings ✨for many more journeys 🛣ahead🌄


    1. Thank you kindly, Mr. Stamper! I am so verily grateful for all the sites which have collided with mine over the course of these 8 years – yours in-particular!


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