Modern Catholic Artists Celebrate the Resurrection

Beautiful art to reflect on…
He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

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Featured image by  Patrick Devonas, “Allegory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ”


The Resurrection, an icon by a modern, American artist, Anne Chapman


Father Sieger Köder, a prolific, German artist died in 2015.

a5c391cfdfc423deb132ab634617e0b8  Maria of  Magdala at the Grave and the Resurrection- also by Father Sieger Köder


The Empty Tomb by Bulgarian Artist Julia Stankova (2014; painting on wooden panel)


Image of the Resurrection de St Paul de Meythet Church, Arcabas, Jean-Marie Pirot, 1998cekjgruwqaasksu

 The Resurrection is by Ladislav Záborský, a Slovak painter who sentenced to seven years in prison by the communist government for his Christian art which was labeled corrupt.


While imprisoned, Ladislav felt as if his hands were nailed to the cross because he could not paint but only seek God in the depths of his soul.  Ladislav expressed the deep spiritual transformation which occurred during his imprisonment. The result of his inner crucifixion meant he no longer fulfilled his own…

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the cloth

It is human nature to question if the paths we have taken in life, the choices we have made, the gifts we have shared are pleasing to God.

Does it come from the “Will of the Father?” Or the desire of our own making?

There is one way, I have found, to rest in God’s presence in these moments of discernment.

It is a simple & quiet Peace of Heart which allows me the assurance my God is speaking.

Is this an easy thing to discern?


Trust me, my logic rethinks it often; yet He always leads me back to Peace.

It is there that I find rest, it is then that I am comforted, it is at last a trust that goes beyond knowing.

(Can there be any greater peace than that?)

Today I am re-blogging a post that reminds us of all the surprising ways in which our Father needs us to do, whatever He asks of us.  I pray we may find one another somewhere in the ‘Caravan of Followers’ heading into this Holy Week, with the Master.


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