it’s the monday giggles…

New Year’s resolutions abound.

Less of this!

More of that!

Here’s what I’ve decided upon…

hugs n’ blessings for less running-around and more laughing!

all that is mine is yours…

It’s that time of year again!

Just as in previous years, as the time has drawn near, I’ve become excitedly anxious awaiting

the eagerly anticipated moment of the deliverance of these two special things!

“Of what?” you might ask.

Well, of the Word of the Year and the Saint of the Year – of course!


For more years than I can remember I have followed the practice of generating both A Word of the Year and a Saint of the Year which I pay particular attention to for 365 days!

*Several posts about this practice are littered throughout my bloggity-blog site, but you can click on the two links above to quickly reference two!

The very special part, for me, of partaking in this practice, are the very unique and sometimes necessary or needed ways these two items “show-up” in my life throughout the course of the year.

And I just know, given the two which have been provided to me for this year, that

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cleaning up…

Usually, around the end of every year or into the beginning of the next, people begin cleaning out their stuff. There is a natural urge, it would seem, to end or begin a year as uncluttered as possible.

Garages, clothing, the back of dark closets, photo albums, music & movie collections, and the proverbial sock drawers – all are combed through in an effort to begin anew, refreshed from the clutter which can sometimes drag one down.

In addition to their physical space there are those who will take time to evaluate their mental & spiritual condition, as well.

Heavens, simply do a quick google search and you will find a plethora of information regarding diy decluttering tips, along with “taking stock of the lessons learned” in life.

All cheering you on in an effort to…


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