My Life in Clan MacCaffeine

It is another reblog Saturday (and don’t forget…reblog Sunday will be tomorrow, giggle-giggle!)

I’ve chosen a delightful little ditty, on this cool crisp November morning in the Northwestern part of Pennsylvania, from a wonderful blogger named Pam at Sweet Aroma!

(Sidebar: everytime I am introduced to a Pam I have that comical flash-back from the movie Step-Brothers during the Interview Scene. Will there ever be a normal introduction to a PAMD again??)

Any who…PAM at Sweet Aroma’s is simply delightful!! I love how descriptive her blogs can be and I promise if you aren’t sitting down with a cup of coffee right now, you will be brewing one half-way into this particular post!

Enjoy!! And I promise it’s GOOD TO THE LAST DROP!

Catching My Drift

Fueeled by coffee 2

Thank goodness I do not have to work tomorrow; it it is 3 AM and I am nowhere near sleep.  It’s my own fault:  I made half a French press pot of coffee to fill my travel mug when I took James to his writers’ group in Westerville tonight, a 50 minute drive.  That was at 5 PM or so–a time when I usually start fading, so I thought I’d better fortify.

Then we got to the meeting site–which, it happens, is a Panera.  I ordered coffee and a pastry, and I pulled out my battered little IPad and typed, sipping lovely fresh-brewed dark roast at a  corner table. The writers, meanwhile, went off to talk writing.  When a friendly Panera guy walked by, I asked about their refill policy; he assured me, cheerfully, that as long as I was using my Panera-issued cup I could refill 800 times if…

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