if you’re lucky☘️

On March 17, countless people in many countries, including Japan and Russia, gather together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. From eating corned beef and cabbage to wearing green, parading around, and drinking green beer, people leap into the spirit of this beloved Saint’s special day.

Not wanting to be left out….so did we!!

Ireland has a large Catholic base, and Irish Catholics observe March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, as a holy day of obligation. And then they may go and celebrate with mugs of Irish ale or Irish comfort food.

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Getting to know you…

Several years ago a dear blogging friend wrote a clever post by inviting people to “get to know her” through a series of very uncommon answered questions. 

This was a fun way to get to know her and I have always remembered that unique post!

Because I have been intermittent (at best) with my posting lately, I think it is the perfect opportunity to borrow her lovely idea & create a similar post! In doing so – whether you have been a faithful follower or brand new to my sight – I do hope you will enjoy getting to know a few new things…at least getting to know some favorite things, about me. 

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precious stones

There is an ancient story out of the Middle East which tells of three merchants crossing the desert. They were traveling at night in the darkness to avoid the heat of the day. As they were crossing over a dry creek bed, a loud attention-demanding voice out of the darkness commanded them to stop. They were then ordered to get down off their camels, stoop down and pick up pebbles from the creek bed, and put them into their pockets.

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