the cloth

It is human nature to question if the paths we have taken in life, the choices we have made, the gifts we have shared are pleasing to God. Does it come from the “Will of the Father?” Or the desire of our own making?
There is one way, I have found, to be certain of God’s presence in these moments of discernment.

It is a simple & quiet “Peace of Heart”, which allows me the assurance my God is with me within it all. And I surrender with trust, knowing He has asked ‘this of me’ and I have listened.

Is this an easy thing to discern? No. My logic rethinks it often; yet He always leads me back to Peace. It is there that I find rest, it is then that I am comforted, it is at last a trust that goes beyond knowing. He is my Shepherd who watches safely over me. (Can there be any greater peace than that?)

I am reblogging today & I do so very hope you enjoy it once again! May I find you somewhere in the Caravan of Followers heading into this Holy Week with The Master.


Everyone in their caravan had a job to do.

There were the cookers, the bakers, and a few candle-stick makers.

She was the weaver.  And very glad not to be the laundress!  There was so much heavy work to be done when you were the laundress, which felt over-whelming to her.  First you had to even locate the water source once the caravan settled in to it’s newest campsite, which most times involved carrying jars of water to & fro for miles before the actual duty of washing the garments even began!  It amazed her that 3 of the tiniest women in their community had been chosen.  But she never heard them complain.  They seemed as well suited and grateful for their assigned task as she was with her weaving.  But she often wondered, is this the job she was meant to be doing?

She loved her loom.  She loved…

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