christmas card

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, turn around. Find for me what must be found!

No matter how many times I prayed this simple, yet powerful, prayer it still remained lost. The “it” misplaced was/is my 36 year old Christmas Card address journal. Every year, at the beginning of each December, I have cherished looking over this book containing all the various address relocations, last-name changes and fond remembrances of loved ones who had successfully made it to Heaven, throughout the past year. Names and addresses which had spand across over 3 memory-filled decades – containing the data for the only correspondence (sometimes) exchanged from year to year.

Each important. Each loved.

Each prayed over as I address an envelope.

Luckily, there was some discovered grace in the knowledge that I still had my purchase log which clued me in on how many cards to order; however, despite this worth-while information – those 142 important names and addresses remained misplaced. I prayed my way through recreating the journal as best as possible, but still worry over the few I may have missed. So I extend my warm thoughts and best wishes if perhaps that was you – while also (additionally) including my many cyber-space friends too!

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do you hear what I hear?

It’s been a month of tripping over pumpkin patches,

festive birthday cake mornings,

sleep over bed-expansions,

retreat making, picture taking, plentiful baking,



(With lots of in between.)

I am sorry I could not take you along as each unfolded, but I would be teary not to share these blessings with you (now) too!

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(just in time for) it’s the monday giggles….

Did you ever wonder what happens amongst the elves after the toys have all been delivered for Christmas Day?

Why, of course, Joy and great Merriment are then made!

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