A King & His Donkey


In Biblical Times, many people rode on donkeys. Even Kings rode on donkeys! Donkeys were, it seems, to be the choice of folks that did not want to bring attention to themselves while traveling. They were considered to be a very common mode of carrying supplies or people and most families owned at least one.

According to an Internet Bible reference there are 142 references to the donkey in the New International Version. Donkey references in New American Standard version, 140. The New Living Translation version has 147 references to donkey. There are 155 references to donkey in the New Life Version of the Bible.

Like most people, the donkey has gone unnoticed by me in Scripture. How did a creature, who was so present in very pivotal moments of Christ’s life, remain so common to me that I barely offered it a glance, in thought or appreciation? From today…

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