prayers on wheels!

Our grand-daughter,

(who has been showing up for frequent appearances on my bloggity-blog space)

like most children her age,

enjoys singing many traditional nursey rhymes.

One of her most requested is The Wheels on the Bus – sung with her Care Bear Friends!

She loves how they electronically interact with one another & she is always inviting others to sing-a-long with them too!

We all love joining in – clapping, stomping, swishing, and singing along (over & over again,) until our grand-daughter has decided to move onto the next activity.

(Or until Cuppycake pretends “the Bears need a nap,” giggles!)

This little sing-a-long song often stays with me days later, as it plays softly in my head; especially as I’m traveling in my car.  I’m not sure why, but it’s rhythmic melody is soothing to me during my prayer-time while driving from place to place.

If you were to ride with me you would see that my car always has a rosary (or two) in it, and there are prayer cards scattered here & there.

And I even have a personalized prayer routine each time I am in the car.

If there was an OCD for prayer practices…I just may BE on it’s spectrum!

I began praying in the car years ago, as life became more hectic with the children’s activity schedules.  As the days of praying the rosary while breast/bottle feeding, or scripture study during nap time, began to dwindle – I started making subtle changes.  We were a family on the move and my prayer-time needed to be adapted!


As the kids became older and more independant I was able to return to a more quiet, contemplative, and centered prayer practice; however, praying in the car has never left me.

It is always changing and adapting as the Lord leads me to different ways or specific intentions, but it still is there.

The current trend is as follows:

I pray A Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Holy Souls in Purgatory on the way to Morning Mass, or the first time taking the car out for the day.

I pray another Divine Mercy Chaplet  on the way home from Morning Mass, each decade being devoted as an specific intention for my immediate family members.

(Decade One: For our oldest son, his daughter, and his future bride.  Decade Two: For our daughter, her husband, and their future family. Decade Three: For our youngest son and the discernment of his vocation.  Decade Four: For my husband & his daily protection. Decade Five: For all other family members, friends & most especially my enemies; that they receive the blessings of the Lord, in their day.)

And longer car rides usually are filled with a complete rosary, while shorter trips may include only a decade or two!

But no matter the distance…

the “prayers in the car”

are going

“round & round, round and round, all through the town!” 

What prayer patterns do you have?

I do hope you’ll CARE-to-share!


hugs n’ blessings for all the ups & downs of life in need of prayer!!

8 thoughts on “prayers on wheels!

    1. He’s such a chatty fella sometimes, isn’t He? And I love ALL the ways He speaks to us!!! He is even sometimes in the Silence. Huge hugs for taking the time to stroll through my site, and especially taking the time to share! I miss you!! Blessings…..


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this aspect of your life. Daily devotions are often brief because of ‘other’ needs but I do follow where possible Our Daily Journey and Upper Room to read and perhaps pray with others on a specific theme or issue. However between the Lord and myself there is a special commitment……Thursday ….I find a patch of blue in the sky and focus there ….by faith I extend my hand and like plugging in a switch ‘connect’ to HIM. (A dear friend when I was ill in 2015 gave me an exquisite set of blue rosary beads). (I am not a catholic and she my dear friend in Aglow International Australia is) I asked the Lord to lead and guide me and some of these times have been ‘extraordinary’. We have communicated. I do not pray the rosary but the Spirit leads me to remember certain people, certain aspects of life and needs as I go. Blogging friends and contacts are often an important of this time. Beautiful, the beads match the sky and I only know that LOVE from my friend and His Love for His World make this time both life affirming and a journey of incredible richness. I love your blogs. I value your writings and love all aspects of your family and life. Thank you. . (so much I could say about this journey of faith but I’ve shared enough here). Blessings and Grace a-men.

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    1. Faye, this is beautiful!!! I am so appreciative for you taking the time to share with me – such a personal prayer commitment with our Lord. Indeed, the rosary beads are reflective of so many life-giving ‘wonders’ around us and I am tickled you have made a connection with using such a lovely gift from a friend. I cannot express the added strength and encouragement my own beads have given to my faith journey. I often times feels as if I’m holding Our Blessed Mother’s hands in my own (just as our own Lord did as a child,) everytime my fingers brush up against them. THANK YOU for being a role-model to so many of us and I am extremely humbled to receive your loving encouragement regarding my blog. Your opinion is a prized one!! Hugs and warm blessings, my friend!!


    1. Such a fun one to write too! Just like life, which goes round and round. Extremely grateful to have the prayer traveling within it! (Not to mention the prayer warriors who consistently encourage me along the way!😘) Hugs to you for being one of them!


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