god dog

Helen Kowalska dog-done turned FIVE!

When god made the earth and sky

the flowers and the trees,

he then made all the animals

the birds, the fish, the trees.

And when at last he’d finished

not one was quite the same

God said, “I’ll walk this earth of mine

and give each one a name.”

And so he traveled far and wide

and everywhere he went,

a little creature followed him

until his strength was spent.

When all were named across the earth

and in the sky and sea,

the little creature said,

“Dear Lord there’s not one left for me.”

Kindly the Father said to him

“I’ve left you till the end.

I’ve turned my own name back to front and call you dog, my friend.”

Author Unknown

hugs n’ birthday blessings to our very special god dog, Helen Kowalska!

Helen’s birthday trip to her favorite spot in the whole wide world, Cana by the Lake!


Cuppycake and I

recently celebrated an Anniversary!

Oh, joy!  To still employ such wedded-bliss, as this!

And in typical fashion we spent the day doing what we love best:


Spending time together!


On a whim & with a whisp of whimsy in our hearts we set out for nearby Canada for a anniversary day-cation to Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario. Continue reading “whimsy”

Dearest Dollar-Lady,



You will lose people in your life

and realize

no matter how much time

you spent with them,

it will never seem

like it was

enough. Continue reading “Dearest Dollar-Lady,”